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I have never been able to use this tape but have heard that it was the best cassette ever made,i found a place on the web that has some of these tapes,how good are they and are they worth $9.99 each?Thanks for any help..Keith H.

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Don Grossinger Wed, 05/14/2003 - 06:22

Sony UX-Pro tape was indeed great, but they had at least one model higher. I used to use Sony Professional which had a full ceramic shell. The cassettes must have weighed 2 lbs each. Amaizing mass & stability.

Those were the best cassettes I ever used. They were over $10 each, ten years ago. For what it's worth.....befrore cheap CD-R technology.

anonymous Wed, 05/14/2003 - 08:36

I just like the sound of a really good tape recorded on a really good deck.I think they have a much warmer signature.I do have a Yamaha MDX-793 Minidisc deck but my Nak Dragon and my Sony TCKA-3ES deck set up right with good tape to me sounds so much better,besides i think it is more fun doing an analog recording than the push one button and walk away digital world,(God i miss the 70's and 80's)!Peace.P.S. I do have some Sony UX-PRO's left but Sony discontinued that tape a few years ago and now they are impossible to find,Great tape though..

anonymous Tue, 06/17/2003 - 03:05

Yes!! The Sony UX-Pros have to be the best tape that I have found. I mean, these days we hardly have requests for cassettes anymore, but we ocassionally still do get them and it wasn't that long ago that was what most folks tended to want to send out.
Normal bias tape always sounded more natural to me, but who could deal with all the hiss? TDK and Maxell both put out CrO2 tapes that were decent enough, but no matter how you hit them, they always colored the sound. I guess you just accepted it because they played back much quieter than a program recorded on the normal bias tape stock. Metal tapes only sounded good when played back on the machine that they were recorded on, and even then only on certain days of the week, if you were lucky enough to have the planets properly aligned!
When we got hold of the UX-Pros, we finally found a tape that not only played back a sound resembling anything like was recorded to it, but also was consistant from copy to copy.
We had heard that these tapes were no longer being made, so we went and bought out the entire remaining stock!