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Hi all, I hope the is the right place for this question...

I have a dbx 386 connecting to a MOTU 828 Mk2 via S/PDIF. Am I better off connecting to the 828 with analog cables and thus allowing the 828 to handle the d/a conversion?

I've read that the 828 has "very nice" converters however I've not the expertise to make that judgment.

What do you folks think?

Thank you - ripe

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RemyRAD Sun, 05/22/2011 - 00:55

Well the only way you're going to get the experience you need, is to compare, especially since you already have both. Some converters A/D-D/A, sound better than others, let's face it. And if you want that tube microphone preamp how would you take a tube microphone preamp if it had no built-in A/D converter. You'd go analog to your 828D. But you have this marvelous selection where you can bypass the A/D converter on your 828 and rely upon the DBX. Only you can make the decision what you think sounds best. Do you like Fords or Chevys, boxers or jockeys, PCs or Apples? Which is better? They're all better today than they were yesterday.

DA Conversion, is the conversion back to analog not to digital. You were full of advice before but you don't have your head on straight nor nomenclature down yet. Either way, you'll be listening to the DA conversion from the 828 as that is your only playback device. So if you're checking input devices, you're still dependent upon your output DA device. Funny how you're not asking about its output capabilities? Maybe you should get a secondary DA converter so that you can check the way your output sounds before you evaluate your inputs? So why worry about the input? Use both. Both may have different colorations and will be different for certain applicable situations. The determination will have to be made by you.

Chevys are better and I don't wear boxers nor jockeys
Mx. Remy Ann David


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