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Any ideas?


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FifthCircle Sun, 02/06/2005 - 22:17

Depends on who you talk to...

Seriously, though... This is a pretty hotly debated topic. When you look at the DAW sum CD, you find that there is remarkably little difference between the DAWs out there. That said, many folks will rave about the sound that Paris had and Samplitude/Sequoia has now. Others prefer Nuendo and others will swear by PT HD. There is a lot that goes into the final mix when it comes to DAW software. How are the plugs handled? How is dithering handled? Which platform allows you to work in a way that you feel most comfortable with.

In my case, I like using Sequoia. For the work I do, there isn't another DAW on the market that can satisfy my needs. When I needed a second computer to run, I used Samplitude as the engine and session format is the same. They could transfer over with ease... I also have a PT LE system here, I use Digital Performer and Sonic Classic. They all have their plusses and minuses, but in the end Sequoia is what I transfer everyting over to.

To each their own...


anonymous Sat, 02/19/2005 - 20:58

Summing debate and Sequoia

Pardon this possibly goofy question:
when you refer to "summing" are you referring to the accuracy with which the software handles DSP jobs and numerically represents sound before it is converted back into an analog signal?
Or, is it more a question about how well virtual routing accomplishes the task of blending different tracks while maintaining definition, maximizing "space" in the mix and preserving the original signals and their energy?
Any of the above?

BTW, Sequoia seems quite expensive except when compared to Pro Tools. Any ideas on the best price and source for this high end software?
I appreciate your help.

-Stereomaus :lol:

FifthCircle Sat, 02/19/2005 - 21:23

When talking summing, people usually are referring to what is happening inside the box before you reach any sort of conversion. DSP- how the audio is processed and added together.

As for Sequoia's price... Consider that you should be comparing to Pro Tools HD- not LE. And, it has more features (like CD mastering). A similar HD system to the high-end turnkey systems out there would be an HD3 or 4 with 16 channels of I/O which will run you upwards of $15K. The highest-end turnkey systems are at least $5K less. Sequoia costs less to implement than Sonic HD and about the same as the entry for Pyramix and less than a tricked-out system.

Even Nuendo 3 plus wavelab with the DDP option will cost more than Sequoia if you want to compare prices for comparable features...


anonymous Tue, 02/22/2005 - 09:51

Software with best DSP for DAW

Hey thanks Ben,

I guess my first guess on "summing" was right. I read a post recently where someone was asking for help in figuring out a "summing problem". I thought that they were referring to what increase in DB would be obtained on their mixdown after adding track duplicates. I would think that this would be a question that would get interesting to anyone who wanted to run all their HD tracks through an analog board on a 1:1 basis and record a master track. Anyway that is a rather dry subject for another day...

Thanks for the comparison facts on Sequoia, Pyramix, and Protools. Sequoia is beginning to look pretty attractive.

Take care! :)

anonymous Fri, 02/25/2005 - 10:56

I just tried Sawstudio and I like the sound of that compared to my cubase SX/pc system. It't not a huge difference but blindtesting it I feel Sawstudio sounds just a little bit cleaner.

In the end though I always come back to believing this is all just psychology and there are no differences. I wonder why noone can give the ultimate answer here.

Guest Fri, 02/25/2005 - 13:37

I wonder why noone can give the ultimate answer here.

subjective question...

your ears and my ears are diffreant, you may like rap whilst i hate it.
i may think Samplitude is the best, your ears may think Pro tools is

some would argue fender others Paul read smith

in the end its the client who has to like it! (or the public)


FifthCircle Fri, 02/25/2005 - 13:48

In the end though I always come back to believing this is all just psychology and there are no differences. I wonder why noone can give the ultimate answer here.

This is what happens when you get folks debating this: (Dead Link Removed) Yes, the topic was closed, but what it came down to (as I explained in the last post) is that there is a bit on both sides- there is some exact math and some that isn't...



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