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Analog Summing + Printing in other computer

I read something at gearslutz that make me think but didnt understand 100%

Im into analog summing, my setup is Orion32 as converters, 2Bus+ and Pure2 for capturing the whole mix.

Someone wrote "Without going on too much more, for those really wanting to take hybrid past the playground, if you are using the same computer to go ADDA, "The Round Trip", you are already defeated. Two DAW's and high headroom analog in the middle works. If I couldn't do that, I would stay ITB."

Hybrid summing with analog mixer

I recently read this thread this guy is explaining how he uses his daw as a console and his analog mixer for summing:



It is the exact method that a lot of pros are doing now and I have always mixed in the box and don't know about hardware and wiring a whole lot so I am a bit of a noob on that, but I still wanted to give this mixing method a shot.

Sound card to summing mixer mixup?

Hey guys,

my friend has an 8x8 soundcard (8 ins / 8 outs) Apogeesymphony.

I plan to buy a NEV-8816 summing mixer.

The summing mixer has more 8 more inputs than the soundcard.

Is it possible to use all 16 channels when doing analog processing even if my friends sound card only has 8 inputs ins/outs?

Or would i have to upgrade the symphony to 16 in/out to use up all channel on the summing mixer?

A&H Zed 14 for summing mixer.

Hey all,

After tons of planning and meetings I've got my new setup pretty well defined both for the immediate and long term.

I'm interested in an economical way to experiment w summing. The setup will be RME babyface pro for main tracking/monitoring adda, and capture ad, and the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 as the multi-channel playback to feed the summing mixer, and any sort of surround speakers.

ITB vs. passive summing OTB

pluses and minuses?

i pretty much get what's good about itb, . but what are the drawbacks of passive summing networks ... ? why is passive summing not a good thing?

and while i'm asking, when doing ITB are you printing back into the same machine or are you doing a d/a - a/d to another recorder. if it's the second choice then what are you recording to? CDR? a second daw? how about a hi def stand alone thingie?

Analog Summing Boxes ?

There's obviously a lot to talk about I don't have one currently I've used the inward connections and what I found was the same mix had more dimension and what seemed to be fatter tracks

Is it the box itself ?

Is it the fact that there all summed together ?

What I heard and I'm not sure if someone can shed some light on this that a computer can't decide what to mix first second etc so by summing your controlling the flow of how it's mixed