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Which stereo pair shall I choose?


Im going to record conserts (rock and experimental), schoolchildren etc. and are looking for a stereo pair or stereo mic for this purpose. In the concert situation I will put up the stereo pair in distans and take the aux out from the mixer and then mix it at home. with the schoolchildren I will use XY.

Im thinking of buying a pair of OKTAVA MK 012:

I also been looking a bit on even cheaper alternatives like THE T.BONE but it seems to be impossible to find any review of these:

last Ive been thinking of Röde NT5

do anyone have any suggestions?
anyone got exeperience of the above mics?
anyone have got any other suggestion of mic within the same pricerange?

thanks a lot



Cucco Tue, 05/22/2007 - 07:29
Welcome to the addictive world Bob!

Let me know sometime and I'll let you borrow a pair of my Schoeps. You'll officially be hooked with no turning back....then you'll long for better pres, better conversion, better monitors, better room acoustics, better structure......Oh CRAP! Now you'll need a million dollars just to get the sound you want (which, ironically, is only marginally better than what you probably started with and the consumer could care less anyway...)

But can stop whenever you want, right? It's not an addiction - it's just a release.....

Mwah-hahaha.....(evil laugh sound here...)

Cucco Tue, 05/22/2007 - 15:14
With dynamic mics, I *might* agree. With condencers, it couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, the inverse is the truth. In condencer microphones, the smaller the diaphragm, generally the more accurate and less "colored" the sound, not to mention far better sounds off-axis. (Though the coloration has as much to do with internal electronics, preamp load, etc.)

That's why DPA, Schoeps, Earthworks and such are used for classical (with frequencies FAR lower than pop or rock or rap). Their bottom ends are far more accurate and realistic.