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I was wondering if using a Yamaha 01V96 as a DAW recording device was a good idea?
If I would like to record 12 simultaneous channels via firewire into software (like cubase, or such), can the 01V96 be used as such?

I dont think it can do this out of the box, but there are many optional add-ons...what one would I need in order to be able to live multi-track record 12 simultaneous channels?



Boswell Fri, 11/28/2008 - 23:17

Yes, it can be used if you have a way of interfacing it to the PC. The 01V96 has 16 reasonable-quality ADCs driven by 12 reasonable-quality mic pre-amps and 4 TRS inputs. It also has 8 DACs for output. Nothing outstanding except the value for money as a digital mixer.

It can be interfaced to a PC in two ways: (1) via an MLan expansion card running into a FireWire port on the PC or (b) via an ADAT lightpipe card or other interface that has ADAT ports. The MLan card supports up to 16 channels. There is one ADAT port on the basic 01V96 (giving 8 channels at 44.1/48 KHz), but can be expanded to three ports (24 channels) using a MY16-AT card in the mixer.

As for reliability, the ADAT is rock solid, but take note that some users have experienced problems with MLan FireWire chipset and driver compatibility.

Is it a good idea? Well. if you already have the 01V96, it's worth considering. Assuming your PC or Laptop has a FireWire port, then it would be a matter of laying out cash for the MLan card for the 01V96 if you want to go that route. Personally, I would consider putting the money towards an external interface that has one or more ADAT ports and also some of its own mic pre-amps.

Something like an RME FF800 would give you 4 mic pre-amps and ADCs of better quality than those in the 01V96, plus allow you to take 8 more channels via ADAT from the 01V96 at no further cost other than getting an optical cable. Use the 4 RME channels as your "money" mic channels, and the rest via the 01V96 for now. As your needs and budget expand, you can build up by acquiring more external interface hardware, knowing that you have used the 01V96 as a good stepping-stone to get this far.

Boswell Sun, 11/30/2008 - 21:26

No problem, but I have to say I find your posts, taken as a whole, puzzling.

From your other threads, you appear to have an Alesis IO|26 and Sonar 6 as your studio system, and then there other posts talking about upgrading your Yorkville AP512 board. Maybe the latter is at your Church and is a separate discussion.

Where does the 01V96 fit into this?

I forgot to say in my previous post about using the 01V96 with an RME FF800 that the remaining four mic channels in the 01V96 can be used (to get a total of 16) by taking the insert sends out of these channels and routing them into the remaining four line inputs of the FF800. These channels would have the benefit of the superior ADCs in the FF800.

unclejemima Mon, 12/01/2008 - 06:11

The 01V96 is the church, and the Alesis IO26 is home.

Thanks again, great advice!

I was just thinking, if we go to all the trouble to purchase a digital board at our church, it would be nice to do some multi-track live recording at our church as well...mind you, no pro tools again (because its a yamaha), but I can do the recording in a different program, and then import the audio files into my ProTools at home and then do the editing after the fact.

Take care,