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Hi All,

My local community likes to host an haunted house event every year but
I was wondering if you professionals had any advice regarding infrasonic products? I wish to have something portable, capability of low frequency/infrasound and can be felt throughout a whole house. My aI'm is to naturally induce fear and anxiety. Something with a microphone to project audio as well, would be fantastic for our haunted house.
I am thinking about trying a Acoustic Hailing Device 100W High Intensity Portable Active Acoustic speaker -…
Any recommendations? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Boswell Mon, 09/14/2020 - 10:38

How would that (expensive!) hailer work for your infrasound? The data sheet shows the low frequency point at 50Hz, but no decibel values given.

For this job, you need something like the butt-kickers you can get for sitting on in your home theatre - they have the frequency range you need. All you would have to do to shift the sort of air volume you dream of is attach one to a sheet of thick plywood suspended vertically on elastic in a doorway. Of course, you would need a few KW of amplifier power, but that's comparatively straightforward.


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