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I took up the challenge of building my own mixer desk. Here are just a few snaps.

Got the top completed

Painted the top

Wanted to see the black top on the table top

Got the rack space painted and the top painted to see what we look like so far. The arm pad is just laid up on top for the pic.

Best friend gave me his unused Mackie (he has a StudioLive 24 now). The mixer is just for looks basically, everything goes in through the Aphex and Tascam (till I get the Fire Studio interfaces)

Here's another angle with more added

Here is the rest of the top front

From another angle

Completely painted

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HouzeOfPhat Sun, 03/30/2014 - 06:42

The design was built for the Presonus 16*4*2AI so once I get that I will replace the current mixer with it or maybe something else that I will use. I will look into control surfaces as well. I will use the Mackie because I do my remote radio broadcast from here as well.

The front section that contains the mixer and side compartments (which lift to store things) can be changed to accommodate a different size mixer so long as it's not deeper than the 22 inches.

Thanks for your input!

By the way I did this in 7 days, material cost around $300 usd

MDF board (very messy)
2x4's braces and arm rest
4x4's legs
Various sized screws, L Brackets
A pair of rack rails cut in half
Foam and black vinyl covering
Metal furniture sliders under the legs
New Jigsaw and blades

paulears Sun, 03/30/2014 - 14:24

MDF is pretty tough but you need to round the edges as they can crumble. Once you've run a router over the edges MDF is nice and smooth and takes paint well. The grain in pine or ply needs filling if you are going to paint, although if you get some fine grain pine, it can stain nicely - but it's more prone to splitting and splinters. MDF is very heavy. What looks nice is an MDF carcass with real wood end panels and cheeks.

RemyRAD Mon, 03/31/2014 - 21:59

Not sure why you thought those side panels need to be on either side of the mixer?? Why restrict yourself that way? Just put the blasted mixer on the desktop. You designed it for one mixer. That's like buying a home with only one bedroom because you don't have any children yet. Otherwise, you built a nice cabinet. It'll do the job. I'm with Paul. But it's certainly not necessary. Though perhaps, more aesthetically pleasing to look at? It was the same argument with nasty looking equipment racks made out of metal. So you generally don't find those, that often, in quality designed, control rooms.The ones you do find are generally made out of nicely designed cabinetry.

Otherwise, you've got a home studio. It's certainly not Ocean Way. So it's designed for home recording. That means your cabinet is just fine. Use it in good health.

I think I need a new Radio Flyer?
Mx. Remy Ann David

audiokid Mon, 03/31/2014 - 23:10

I'm loving seeing all the analog inspired coming here. RO is headed in the right direction NOW! Took a few year eh. :)
I'm with everyone else. And I'm a painter so I will second Paul's suggestions. Great tips, Paul. (y)

But I'm especially with Remy on this. You seem to have a knack for carpentry, kudo's.
But why cover/ enclose it ? What about heat? I'd be worried about that. Us console guys like to see the side and smell the solder!

Start reading the threads here. You are indeed going to get some great idea's on what to do with that mixer.