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I'm having some building work done on my studio spaces, and the roof above my studio is being replaced. The weather has been bad, so work slow, and this morning I went into the studio to do some work, where the sound of people and banging wouldn't hurt too much - to discover daylight in the studio entrance way. I'd had some leaks that had been bodged and the inner layers of the ceiling need replacing. However, the water leak had run down the inside of the door wall - so they'd removed that totally and removed the inner skin of the ceiling revealing the damaged plasterboard layer - plus the outer external skin has gone too. So my solid inner door is gone, so is the frame, and wall. The builders will put on the new outside surfaces, but looks like I'm going to be busy repairing the inner room.

The inner ceiling is two layers of 12mm plasterboard, and the leak I had came from just one place - leaving the actual boards sound on the inner surface, but above them, serious mess. Look at the edges of the remaining single skin - this was all hidden from inside - only the drip revealed something was amiss. The ceiling in my studio was deliberately not parallel with the floor, so this helped by routing the water to the edges. The outer skin of the extension to my house, where the studio is was built in 2004 and the top surface which I thought was OSB or maybe plywood turned out to be chipboard, and the leak had turned it into weetabix! I think I'm lucky the leak didn't appear anywhere serious or even dangerous.


pcrecord Thu, 05/09/2019 - 05:15

I feel for you man ! I had my old studio flooded about 10 years ago.
Entered and saw 6 inches of water in my 3 rooms, I just wanted to cry.
Turns out a subpump didn't start when it should.
Good thing the carpet was modular (2''x 2'' squares) I removed it all, rented a carpet cleaner a few fans and dehumidifier who ran for 2 weeks.

I had to replace a few wires and got a floor tom finish who cracked a bit.. but the rest was safe..
Days you'd never want to live...

Hope you get back to business soon !

kmetal Thu, 05/09/2019 - 07:29

Ive also experienced showing up to the studio and seen water pouring through ceiling of the studio. Total buzzkill.

Ive discovered daylight when i was working on an inside wall. Turns out the brick exterior wall of the building had completely rotted through.

paulears, post: 460965, member: 47782 wrote: I'm thinking that maybe now is the time to convert the two rooms into one, as I need to do work on the ceiling anyway, so just wondering if a conversion might be justified now? Remove two doors, two windows and sort the wall finishes?? Maybe?

It will probably improve bass response by quite a bit.