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audiokid Sun, 04/05/2015 - 15:37

PSI Audio engineers have again used their creativity, knowledge and experience to develop a revolutionary product: the AVAA (Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber).

The AVAA actually acts as an “anti-wall” by neutralising the negative reflective effects of the walls. Through PSI Audio’s patented technology, it will transform acoustic pressure into acoustic velocity and absorb it over a large range of frequencies.

With a surface of 0.2 m2, an AVAA is as effective in absorbing low frequencies as 1.5 m2 of perfect sound absorber (such as a whole in the wall).

The key advantages are the following:

  • Auto-adaptive and stable
  • No sound emitted, no alteration of direct sound
  • Effective from 15 to 120 Hz
  • Can easily be turned on and off to change the acoustic environment
  • Modular, small footprint, movable asset


Okay, I'm curious about this. I just email the rep. I hope to have more pictures or something.