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Hey everyone!

I'm not sure if audibility is a word...but it is sort of what I'm looking for. We've just purchased two new Sennheiser 135G2 wireless handhelds for our praise and worship team. In addition, the rest of the team are using a sort of SM58 type microphone.

We are having some issues getting EQ right. Overall they sound good, but I'd like to go for the more natural, pure, dry sound of a voice rather than as if it were coming through a mic. I'm not sure if that makes much sense...

What we are getting are people sounding not very much like what they actually sound like.

So, I was wondering if there are some secrets to EQ for those tracks for women and men. Such as cut here and boost here. Anyways, I'm open to all suggestions. Please let me know, I appreciate it! Thanks!


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anonymous Sun, 09/10/2006 - 11:49

Each voice is a bit different. Here are my usual moves with a Sennheiser E935 running through a Trident Celebration strip. Granted, it's Rock band with huge guitar sounds through vintage gear, a bass tuned down to "A", and a drum set that would make Bonham crack a smile. I do a lot of SUBTRACTIVE EQ and layer my instruments via frequency before I start cranking faders.

With that said.. the goodies.

Low end at 150hz -3 to 4 dB

Mid ranges on different venues between 500-800hz -1 to 3 dB, if I need clarity, I'll make that a small boost between 900-1,250hz.

High end, 7khz shelf -4 to -6dB (Sennheiser E935 is a very crispy mic)

After using the E935, I hate using 58's. It's much easier (and cleaner in my opinion) to cut out what I don't need on a bright mic instead of boosting it on a dull mic. Just make sure your monitor engineer has a brain in his head.


moonbaby Mon, 09/11/2006 - 07:02

Are the vocalists trained in the fine art of "working the mic" on a live stage? If you are having to "carve out" a lot of EQ on the channels to minimize artifacts like FEEDBACK, that might be the trouble right there.
Were you having this issue before the Sennheisers came along? Are the "58-type" mics interfering with your getting the Sennheisers to sound right? Did you have wireless front mics before the Senny's? There are definitely variances in sound quality between wireless and corded mics, even between models from the same manuacturer. How are you EQing them: mains graphics, graphics on the submasters, channel EQ, what?
Do they sound "over-compressed", "dull", "lifeless", as if there is no hope for their future? Try Vita Mic, the natural herbal way to bring back the life of your microphones! Seriously, provide us with some more info...