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Headphones output of guitar amp into Mixer input?

I have a Fender Champion 20 guitar amp and a Pyle Professional PAD43MXUBT mixer. This mixer doesn't have a HiZ guitar button on either of the channels. I haven't plugged the guitar into the channel and increased the gain to see if it gets enough signal. If it doesn't, can I take the headphones out from the amp and go into the mixer's line input on channel 1 or 2?

Pro Tools multitrack live recording beep on listening

I am kinda new to Pro Tools. Trying to live record a multitrack of a band. I can also listen to the output (on my headphones), but sometimes I hear a weird high pitch noise for a second. Wondering what that could be. I use dante from our digital mixer, routing it and all seems to be fine. But that weird noise is strange.


Record from Stagepas 500 to GNX4 Question

I would like to record from my Yamaha Stagepass 500 to my GNX4 8 track recorder. I have made many recordings on the GNX4; however I have been unsuccessful trying to record from the Stagepas’ monitor out jacks to the line in inputs on the GNX4. I would appreciate any suggestions/solutions that would help. I thank you in advance for your help!