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Midas Venice 320 aux sends

I use monitor sends one and two for wedge monitors. Also auxiliary 1 and 2 for additional wedge monitors. I am wondering why the auxiliary sends have so much more gain than the monitor sends one and two. Both are pre fader. Can anyone help with this question. I've been turning the power amp down to compensate for the high output. Hopefully someone here can answer my question, thanks!

Collaborated with an old school friend on this track and this is the result

This is the first track for my next album. This song was a collaboration between an old school buddy who now lives in London and myself.

Alan is a good friend from our school days where we played together in a band back in the 70's.

Our old school band had a reunion in March this year where we recorded one of our songs. The song was written in 1973.

Too many interfaces daisy-chained


I have a problem...I went a little crazy and got way too many things daisy-chained via USB (midi controlers, interfaces, hard drives) in my studio, including four focusrite 18i20s hoping to be able to get all 32 channels out of them. but I know it was wishful thinking since my 13-inch MacBook running logic won't be able to handle all the data, at least without massacring the sample rate.

Zoom F2 + Sony ECM-322BMP Headworn Mic = No Audio


I have used both the supplied lav mic and Røde GO lav mics with the Zoom F2, but I get no audio using the Sony ECM-322BMP.

The Sony ECM-322BMP has a 3.5mm TRS, so similar to the lav mics, even with a locking connector similar to the supplied mic.

I wonder if it is a pinout issue, so the Tip-Ring-Sleeve is different on the Sony vs Zoom/Røde?

Splitting signal via splitter snake to two mixers

Good day. 

We are a small church community who are still hiring (unfortunately) a sound tech company for our live events. FOH sounds great. However, the livestream is rubbish. The supplier says "it's complicated" and it comes with a cost. Instead, our director purchased a Behringer Xair18 for us volunteers to use it specifically for livestream.

AKG C3000 - A forgotten about mic?


I got asked to compare a C3000 with a C414, and I dug mine out and put it next to a C414 - I've no idea why this mic, which is often available quite cheaply, isn't more popular. Easy to say once I'd done the test, but the one I have rarely gets an outing. I've even found another on sale second hand for silly money, so I've ordered it to make a pair!


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