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Room for another 1176 clone?

Looks like (now berringer owned) Klark Technic has produced an 1176 clone. Priced $600 its in line with other mass produced clone gear.

IMHO it's insulting to both KT and 1176 that this thing is out. Having not heard it or used it I can't comment on its quality or authenticity. To me it's just a way to grab some kids cash.

The only potential upside of all this cloning would be for prices of the real things to come closer to earth, or for some true innovation with reguard to hardware. Lol neither of which has seem to hit the mainstream yet.

Mastering with 2 UA LA-2A vs. UA 1176LN

I thought this mix I did might serve as an interesting analog mastering comparison using a few compressors with tubes and trannies.

Even though the LA-2A and 1176 is best suited for tracking and mixing, who cares right, I'm more interested in the colour on this one. The beauty of hybrid is ability to master something clean or add colour in many ways. Lets see what these gems sound like paired up and put to the test on the master chain.

3 versions of the same song.

My Original Mix:


New 1176 Plugins from UAD

In 2001 Universal Audio started it's line of plugins/DSP cards with a model of its own UA 1176. Their model of the 1176 was very good, but as you'd expect they've learned a lot over the last 10 years and a number of their recent plugins are more complex. A lot of people have been lobbying for them to go back and redo their old plugins and it looks like they've been listening. They came out with a suite of models of different incarnations of the 1176.

Universal Audio 2-1176LN

Finally, a true stereo 1176! With over 2000 units already sold to date since the year 2000 re-birth of Universal Audio's 1176LN, it is clear the public's love affair with the legendary sound of the 1176 is still as passionate as ever.

The 2-1176 builds from the circuit design of UA's hugely successful 6176 Channel Strip and combines two 1176 channels from that unitan uncompromising design, with all the same components- stereo matched to boot!



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