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Room for another 1176 clone?

Looks like (now berringer owned) Klark Technic has produced an 1176 clone. Priced $600 its in line with other mass produced clone gear.

IMHO it's insulting to both KT and 1176 that this thing is out. Having not heard it or used it I can't comment on its quality or authenticity. To me it's just a way to grab some kids cash.

New 1176 Plugins from UAD

In 2001 Universal Audio started it's line of plugins/DSP cards with a model of its own UA 1176. Their model of the 1176 was very good, but as you'd expect they've learned a lot over the last 10 years and a number of their recent plugins are more complex. A lot of people have been lobbying for them to go back and redo their old plugins and it looks like they've been listening.


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