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2 track

help with 2 tracks that need to sound unified - they were recorded differently

I would really appreciate your advice on this!

I have a recording of a violin, and recording of an ensemble (2 separate recordings).
They are playing the same song, and the 2 tracks ready to be combined, line up correctly and everything.
However, they were recorded with completely different microphones (solo violin with a ribbon, ensemble with condensers) in completely different spaces (violin in a small space, ensemble in a large space)

2 track recording into DAW recording/playback question

Hey all,

crossposting this from the RME forum, for I think theres not much help to be had there.
I'm trying to set up a non complicated recording workspace for our singer.
She will be using the Fireface UC on a 21" 3.33 Ghz iMac Intel Core 2 Duo and recording with Ableton Live on Mac OS X 10.6.8 in either a stereo PZM microphone or a M/S setup, monitoring in the same room as she records in.
Sound sources are: Voice, Vibraphones and guitar.
I have run into a slight problem though.

2-track (Zoom H1) portable recorder for interviews

I have a Zoom H1 and want to conduct oral history interviews by setting up two external mics. . (I'm brand new at all of this)

1. Can I do this? I assume two tracks means the X and Y onboard mics are both recording, how do I hook up two external mics? Am I right that each mic would then record in mono?

2. Am I right in assuming that the only thing that matters is the quality of the mic I use? In other words the sound from my Zoom H1 with external mics is no different from the sound of a more expensive player with the same external mic?

Recording Pro-Tools Mbox Outputs back Directly into the Inputs for a 2 Track. [Help!]

Hello All.

I have a Hardware Compressor, and a Finished Pro Tools Mix.

Now I want to Run the Finished Mix, Out From the MBox, Into a HW Compressor, then Back Into The Mbox[Inputs] (2 Track it).

But when I do it, I get a loud horrible signal and makes it pretty much impossible.

I have heard that this can be done, but I cannot achieve it.

Everything is hooked up correctly (As far As I'm Concerned.) I have a fast enough CPU/Ram. I am using a PC.

1-2 Track Recording Device (Vista Compatible)

Several years ago, I purchased an Aardvark Q10 for all my recording needs. I used this in conjunction with Cool Edit Pro / Adobe Audition until recently, and I have been very happy with the results. A few weeks ago, however, I bought a new computer, which came with Windows Vista, and my Aardvark will not function/install properly. Being a relatively old product, I'm not anticipating any updated drivers, either. So, it looks like I'm going to need a replacement...

22 x 12 Tracking room question...

Would it be a better idea to seperate this room and create 2 small rooms or to leave it as one room. Im realizing this is probly the wrong area to post this but for recording drums, guitars in this size room would it be possible to create a good acoustic environment for ambient room mics, or better to just deaden the room? the ceiling are only 7 feet tall. any ideas would be appreciated. thanks.

Finding a Software 2 Track DAT for MIXDOWNS

I am trying to find the software equivalent of a SIMPLE 2 track mixdown deck that can use SPDIF or OPTICAL and will lock to MMC, that way I can do away with using my computer as a mix-down mixer, and then use my Fostex D2424LV my Behringer DX3216 Mixer and my computer as a very simple MMC controlled wave recorder/editor. What I am looking for probably sounds silly, but something very simple, like a WinAmp Recording Program with MMC. Does Such a Thing Exist?