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4 track

Need more than 4 tracks on Zoom h4n

Is it possible to record more than 4 tracks on the h4n in MTR mode?  I would think bouncing to on mono track would allow you to add 3 more overdubs, bounce again and add 3 more. I have a project due tomorrow that requires 4 violins, 4 violas, 1 piano and 1 vocalist. I cannot get the h4n to open the bounce file nor does it open when I change the name to trk1-00 (the default name for track 1).  I can do each 4 instrument group and combine  them in Logic on my Mac but I was hoping to avoid that. Doing the recording and not hearing all the parts is not ideal. 

Recording 4 tracks simultaneously

Hello All,

I have not done any recording in a very long time, but I have a stack of recordings made using a Tascam Portastudio 244 made in the 80s and 90s. I would like to upload the 4 tracks into a PC simultaneously and remix them.

What do people suggest I use as #1 an input and #2 an editing program?

Thanks for your help I appreciate that I am 25-30 years out of touch with recording


24 Tracks Control Behringer-Buy or Sell? How can I simplify my workflow.

What a challenge.
Im simple, I like old school play rewind fast forward record
push the button and go
Ive had tape machines, Adats, HD 24, and now using the Behringer X Touch with 2 Extenders to have 24 tracks of control.
Its a studio in my home, mostly for my projects.
I find I havent been using the X touch at all, other than play and record.

finding a new belt for Yamaha mt2x 4 track

hi there,

I came across one of these in a music store for $15.. but it was diagnosed that it needs a new belt. I know this might not be all that's wrong with it but if that IS all that's wrong with it, I'd be willing to buy that and open it up, but my question is does anyone know where I might find a belt for it?

I know I'm not going to find "the belt" from one of these as parts are no longer made, but just wondering if there are places that might sell the various belts like this that I could try.

Vintage AMPEX 440 4 Track Recorder Problem

I just got a 1967 Ampex 440 4 Track Recorder and it has one problem that I can't figure out. When I press the play button or any other button on the control panel it the does the same thing. The rewind motor goes into rewind mode and the take up reel goes into fast forward mode. So, it is running in rewind and fast forward at the same time. Again, it doesn't matter which button you push it always does this. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

Old cassette based 4 track recorder

Hi all, my first post!

I've recently rediscovered all my old four track recordings from the 80's and 90's (yes, I'm getting on a bit!) and want to listen to them again, however, I do not have the original Tascam Porta 05 four track recorder they were recorded on - does anyone know if I could successfully play these tapes back on any cassette based 4 track recorder, or will they only really respond to being played back on another Tascam Porta 05? (they seem to be a bit rare on the UK ebay site!)

Thanks in advance.

Lefty- 'I know what you say' 4-track recording in warehouse, live.

Here's one for the kids! All the way from 2012. An old band of mines tunes, when the fellas were putting it together. 414 OH, nady Kick mic, 57s gtr, vox 414-manly tube-1176 (overdubbed). We were in this big 40x50 ish office style room in some un-rented warehouse a buddy was renting. We had a crappy pearl kit. This was fun. Couple drinks and smokes and jamming late into the night. We cut 12 or so tunes maybe 8 lol. I didn't play in this one just tracked it. Had some small JBL Lsr's on the floor and some AKG 240s for reference monitoring. The warehouse was torn down shortly after this.

4 Track Challenge

Hi Everyone,

My blog is hosting a "4 track challenge" in which you pledge to make an EP between now and 11/14 using nothing but an analog 4 track. I've gotten some good advice from these forums before, so I'd like to send out an invitation to the community. I hope it's kosher to post this; I'm not trying to steal viewers or do anything sketch. My blog and the 4 track challenge are totally nonprofit (sigh).