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Help from 48Hz to 44.1Hz

I recorded a string quartet concert that lasted just around an hour, .aiff files to a laptop. I want to burn the files to CD, but even after cutting much of the unwanted banter between tracks it's just over 900MB, too large for the standard CD-R. Honestly, I thought I recorded them at 24/96 but now I'm not sure. All those size tracks were much larger than that 900MB, and now I have them at 16/48 which puts them at that 900MB. I was thinking I'd be able to go to 44.1, but when I do that, it stretches each track out by a couple of seconds, completely changing the dynamics of the sound.

M-Audio Fast Track Ultra always resets to 44.1khz when recording in Logic 9?

I'm using my M-Audio Fast Track Ultra with Logic Pro 9, and it seems to be limited to a 44.1khz sample rate for some reason? If I go in the Audio MIDI setup utility on my macbook pro, I can set the sample rate for the Fast Track there to the maximum (96khz). I can also do the same in the Fast Track's control panel software. Except that every time I launch Logic and create a channel with the Fast Track as input, the sample rate in the control panel is shown as 44.1khz and when I change it, there is gigantic latency. How do I make Logic use the full sample rate of the interface?

16 bit 44.1 khz, vs. 24 bit 96 khz monitors

I am currently looking to upgrade the way I mix music. Currently, I have a fast track ultra and I'm just using a pair of 50$ monitor headphones. I have done test recordings of 16 bit, 44.1 Khz vs. 24 bit 96 khz recordings, and I cannot hear a shred of difference. (I know my fast track ultra is capable of recording that bit rate). So I'm thinking it's the fact that I use crappy headphones. I would like to buy a pair of really nice monitors (Budget of 400$ max), but do you think I'll be able to hear much a difference in monitors that cheap?

16 bit / 24 bit / 44.1khz / 48 khz questions... help anyone!

Currently running Sonar 6, Dell Pentium IV w/ MOTU 828 mkII firewire... and whatever stock sound card my computer has.

Whenever i try to set Sonar to run 24 bit 48 khz it says my sound card is incompatible or something and i'm forced to work in 16 bit 44.1... anyone know why i cant go to 24 bit? i havent done much research yet... is it just that i need better sound card? i figured the MOTU WAS the better sound card... it has 48 khz option and all...

Pros & Cons Recording 16 bit Verses 24 bit; 44.1k verses

I assume there have been ample discussions of this in the past, but I cannot find any applicable threads to read using the search feature of this forum. Can anyone point me to these discussions?

If for whatever reason the discussion gets restarted here, these are my thoughts/assumptions:

I assume that higher resolution means better sound quality.

I disseminate my music on CD(16 bit/44.1k)/mp3(close to 16 bit/44.1k sound quality wise).

96 to 44.1 conversion work around?

I've been recording and mixing 32 track plus sessions at 44.1 24bit for a while now and am considering increasing my sample rate to 96khz. I mix in the box and like many others my final destionation is CD and I'm worried that a sample rate change of that size will actully sound worse than a session kept at 44.1 24bit.
Using theory I came up with 2 work arounds and am looking for opinions before a dive in head first as their expensive one.

192 vs. 96 quality dithering to 44.1?

What is the point of recording at 192 htz or 96 htz when you have to dither everything down to 44.1htz to burn it to a CD? Does it sound better? I don’t understand why to buy a 24 bit 192 htz vs. 24 bit 92 htz if you dither down to burn a CD? I am thinking of gettting the Aleis 24xz but it only records up to 96khz. I am leaning toward the MOTU computer based system with The MOTU HD192 high-definition 192-kHz. Does it really matter if you track at 192 hkz when you have to dither down to 44.1 to burn?


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