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50s / 60s

recording studio's of 50s / 60s

Hello If anybody know anything (books, links, jurnal articules, own thoughs) about following topic, pelase help:
Studio recording in 50s and 60s (1950-1969)

- Studio Design - what kind of materials/ 'traps'/ etc - was used to get best sound quality
- how they reduced unwanted sound
- what was the studio structure
I would be very grateful for any answers and sharing knowledge

Kind regards

How to recreate the old 50s/60s sound

Hello everyone!

For the past few hours I've been trying to replicate the hollowish vintage sound found in old 50s/60s vinyl records. I've been using Izotope Vinyl (sadly enough without warp, as I use the VST version) and low+highpass filters. It's still not quite there though...
Does anyone have any suggestions? Do I maybe have to boost any frequency ranges? Are there any other VSTs that might prove useful? Certain reverb settings maybe?

Thanks in advance!