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Do they stay together well?


Kevin F. Rose Fri, 08/24/2001 - 08:07

It's funny to me that the Distressor gets bashed a lot for bizarre stereo linking problems and noone talks about the input stage. I've found it to be quite weak on "big" sources. I love the damn things but throwing Trakkers in front of them really brings the things back from the dead. Daisy chaining compressors is not unusual but I'm wondering if a mod would help the Distressors input stage not freak so easily. Then again maybe that "on the edge thing" is a large part of their sound.

Guest Sun, 08/26/2001 - 15:29

The "image" mod is OK, but you still have to set the channels individually, which for my purposes is unacceptable. I want one set of controls to be "master", and all other channels to follow [in a very precise manner] that set of controls.

As far as the 'front end headroom' thing...yeah, it's one of it's short comings, but it can be worked Kevin found with the Trakkers (which also lock marvelously).

No, the "Fatso Jr." isn't necessarily the box you want to use for this purpose. I use mine more for tracking and on 'individual sounds' or 'groups' when mixing, but never on the 2-bus. I'm sure some folks have been using the EL-7 [Fatso] on the 2-bus, but I ain't one of 'um.


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