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acoustic panels

Will acoustic panels eliminate bleed from speakers to microphone?

Working in a finished residential home basement shooting music instructional videos. I have a Shure SM58 on a mic stand just above the picture frame, aimed down at the teacher's mouth. I also need to have speakers on for the two musicians to hear their instruments (guitar and keyboard). I positioned the speakers on the floor pointing in the opposite direction of the video frame, i.e. 180 degrees from the direction the mic is pointing and about 8 feet or so from the mic.

Where to sell acoustic panels?

I just closed my concert venue in West Columbia, SC, and I have a good many burlap-covered acoustic panels that I need to sell (both 2" and 1" thick, in 24" x 48" and 48" x 96" sizes). Can somebody recommend a good place where I could advertise these to engineers who work in recording studios, churches, or concert venues? (I'm trying ebay too, of course.)

Health issues with Polyurethane Acoustic panels

Hi there,

Just bought brand new acoustic panels. These are 60cm x 120cm with rigid panel of polyurethane foam 40kg/m3 as the absorvent material. They are covered with good breathable fabric at both front and back sides. Images attached.

I put them on my bedroom studio and they absorb quite nicely for my needs which is electronic music. The problem is that after 10 or 15 min my nose and skin started to scratch, I'm also having breathing issues, my chest kind of hurts and started to have nausea and stomach irritation.

Acoustic Panels - Thickness vs. Spacing

I have wrestled with the equations, and manufacturers' data, but would like some informed, practical advice.

I am acoustically treating my newly completed project studio - including extra thick and damped drywalls. My room measures 18' x 12' x 9'. Those dimensions, though either a Sepmeyer or Louden (can't remember) preferred ratio, still exhibit a 33 Hz mode. I may not be able to completely get that, but hope to lessen its higher multiple frequencies. So...the obvious...bass traps and some fiberglass acoustic panels.

acoustic panels for recording studio, home theatre

http://www.acoustic…"]sound absorption panels[/]="http://www.acoustic…"]sound absorption panels[/], soundproof panels, sound diffuser and other acoustic panels are supplied from professional acoustic panels manufacturer. There are fabric, fibre, wood, and other materials for you to choose. Suitable for recording studio, meeting room, home theatre, etc.

Acoustic panels on speaker box

The sound I'm looking for is a very tight metal distortion.

I'm wondering if it will be beneficial to surround the 12" x 4 speaker box I'm using with acoustic panels, creating a sort of closed space for the microphone.

I'm using Peavey JSX 120w head and I have a couple of high end guitars with humbuckers.

Should I build the panels I need or should I do this without them?


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