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Will acoustic panels eliminate bleed from speakers to microphone?


Working in a finished residential home basement shooting music instructional videos. I have a Shure SM58 on a mic stand just above the picture frame, aimed down at the teacher's mouth. I also need to have speakers on for the two musicians to hear their instruments (guitar and keyboard). I positioned the speakers on the floor pointing in the opposite direction of the video frame, i.e.

Wrapping acoustic panels in thin plastic wrap?


I am building some acoustic panels to hang on my wall and ceiling and as I have a dust allergy I want to make sure they are totally contained and can not leak dust through fabric. (I have not decided yet whether to build these from 2 inch 703 or 8lb density 2 inch rockwool panels.)

Where to sell acoustic panels?

I just closed my concert venue in West Columbia, SC, and I have a good many burlap-covered acoustic panels that I need to sell (both 2" and 1" thick, in 24" x 48" and 48" x 96" sizes). Can somebody recommend a good place where I could advertise these to engineers who work in recording studios, churches, or concert venues? (I'm trying ebay too, of course.)

RatRig Hardware - DIY Acoustic Kits - Absorption Panels and Bass Traps

Hi Guys,
RatRig Hardware is a DIY Hardware company based in Europe - Portugal. We develop and sell various Audio and Video related DIY Hardware kits.

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