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ZED R16 Analog Mixdown - How does it work?

Hey all, I'm a new owner of a Zed-R16 and one of the really cool features the mixer has is of course the analog mixdown option where you can send the tracks back from the DAW to the mixer and mix the tracks like one would on a traditional analog mixer. But what I'm having hard time understanding is how its actually done or more importantly how is the mixed signals then recorded?

Analog Mix Down Console

Need a little direction---Looking for a analog "mix-down" board----24 to 32 channel, 8 sends per, a quality 4 band eq with sweeps,,mic preamps do not matter--would like 90% of I/O on top of board--and would like under 3 feet wide>>>>>>so impossible? Not Mackie nor Behringer-(although the MX 3282 has the exact features--but looking for the next sonic quality up) Any hints?

analog mixdown decks

The gear forum has vanished, so I'll try again here. Looking into purchasing a good solid analog mixdown deck in the (relatively) near future. An ATR would be beyond my means or my needs, I believe, and I've already been told solid machines can be found for under $1000, maintenance and setup included. 1/4" 15 ips is fine by me, which makes the pickings pretty easy.