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Hi, I'm new here. I posted in this forum because it was the closest to the DAW that I am running (Cakewalk DAW) .
I have been using Cakewalk Home Studio 2004 since, well, 2004. I know it is a very old DAW by now, but it serves for what I do.

However, I recently purchased a 1 terrabyte drive and want to keep the program on the C drive of my computer, but set it to store my projects and everything else that will eat up hard drive space in the new hard drive.

1- I cannot figure out how to do that, and the manual is no help.

2- I'm in the middle of a project and would like to be able to migrate everything, Cakewalk Project files, audio data, everything to that new drive. Can anyone help me?

Edited to add: Is it as simple as going to "global options/folders", and where it says
Project files C:/Cake walk Projects
CAL files
Window Layouts
Wave Files
Video files
Sysx files
Play list
Groove quantize
Drum maps
all of which have the C:/ prefix, and changing that C:/ to a J:/ for all of them?
And are there any I should leave where they are?
Any help appreciated.