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analog summing

Analog Summing + Printing in other computer

I read something at gearslutz that make me think but didnt understand 100%

Im into analog summing, my setup is Orion32 as converters, 2Bus+ and Pure2 for capturing the whole mix.

Someone wrote "Without going on too much more, for those really wanting to take hybrid past the playground, if you are using the same computer to go ADDA, "The Round Trip", you are already defeated. Two DAW's and high headroom analog in the middle works. If I couldn't do that, I would stay ITB."

Analog Summing Boxes ?

There's obviously a lot to talk about I don't have one currently I've used the inward connections and what I found was the same mix had more dimension and what seemed to be fatter tracks

Is it the box itself ?

Is it the fact that there all summed together ?

What I heard and I'm not sure if someone can shed some light on this that a computer can't decide what to mix first second etc so by summing your controlling the flow of how it's mixed

Analog Summing Valid or Voodoo?

I would like to hear what others have to say about analog summing. I'm currently nearing the end of the mixdown stage for a very prestigious Latin project.

We started the mixing on an SSL console, but discovered that ITB (in-the-box) mixing sounded much better after comparison. I mean, many degrees better.

We then redid the SSL mixes in the box, so now almost the whole project has been mixed this way, one more song to go.

Analog Summing plugin (VST)?

Hello experts,

I own a project studio, dont have outboard gear, everything is done from the DAW but I want to incorporate a little of warmth and headroom to the sound of my mixing and tracking. Also, can you give me some recommendations regarding VST analog summing plugins? What options do I have? A friend recommended me the green one from McDSP but it only works in Pro Tools.

Besides the analog summing emulation, what do you suggest for my set up that can create this analog-like warmth/headroom?

Help with Hybrid DAW Setup 16 channels I/O to analog summing amp back to DAW/ 2 Buss

Man, I thought I had a handle on this but apparently not.

Using Samplitude, Sonar, Cubase, Logic, Reaper whatever... (shouldn't matter what DAW correct)? what do I need to get 16 channels of I/O to a Dangerious 2-Bus or my SPL MixDream and back into my DAW? ( not concerned with cable) just the converter options for now.

digital summing vs. analog summing

i know that the information is probably out there somewhere but i really am new to this stuff so i dont completely understand what i read, as well i don't know how that really relates to my setup.

i am using a Mackie cfx 16 with a delta 1010 and using Cubase sx3

i have never thought of doing anything else other than recording things into my computer, using the automation and virtual inserts to mix my stuff, then export > stereo wav...i guess this is digital summing?



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