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Are VCRs the World's Cheapest Hi-Fi Reel-to-Reel?

Are VCRs the World's Cheapest Hi-Fi Reel-to-Reel?

This may sound like a clickbait title to some, but how far off from the truth is it?  You may say I am stretching the definition of what defines a "Reel to Reel", but think about it for a second.  How different is a VHS tape being "spun" in your VCR than your tapes on your Tascam Half Track? I guess by that logic you can also call a cassette player a Reel to Reel....

Cheap Spring Reverb Solution Volume IV - Budget Consumer Equipment (FOSTEX 3180)

Hello everyone,

Another installment into my "Cheap Spring Reverb" series. This time I take on the Fostex 3180. This noisy little machine adds a nice sheen to any track I pass through it. Very versatile in my opinion if you aren't looking to spend a large sum of money. I think I picked up mine for something around $100-$200 a little while back. Well worth the money I would say.

The Infamous Fostex MN-50

Hello everyone,

I made a quick overview and demo video for the Fostex MN-50. I was surprised to see that there were zero videos on YouTube show casing this compressor. If you've been on these forums long enough you must have seen the name of this unit come up again and again. Often touted as the secret weapon for a trashy drum sound. Some say it's a hunk of overrated junk, other's keep it in their back pocket for when it's needed to spice up a track. I hope the video can be appreciated around here.



Analog Recording with a Tascam 424 mark III

Trying to find instructions for analog recording online has been a dead end for me so I’m reaching out here.

My set up is simple:
Mic’d guitar
And mic’d vocal
Goes into Midas DM12 mixer
(All the basic outs are used for PA)

Then I have a Tascam 424 mark III four track recorder and I want to capture this “mix” from the remaining RECORD OUT RCA connection that goes into my Tascam SUB INPUT RCA input.

Using Phantom Power through a Yamaha Q2031 analog EQ

Hello, I need help figuring out if I can do something or not without breaking anything. I got my nephew an M-Audio AIR 192|4 audio interface that came with a condenser mic that requires phantom power to work. He uses to produce some decent stuff, and I'm getting him a Yamaha Q2031 31 band analog EQ to use with it this year. I know he can use it for the 1/4" guitar input no problem but I'm worried that using the XLR connection for the mic with the phantom power input enabled will hurt the equalizer, audio interface or mic.

Advanced technical analog console questions.


I have some pretty Advanced technical analog console questions if anyone of you guys know the answer please help me out!

When your signal hits a analog channel on a console.

1) Does it hit the capacitors that are in the console first? and then the signal hits what ever hardware you have on your inserts? or is it after?

2) What component in the console actually creates the noise that we hear? is it the capacitors? and is noise added to the signal before or after it touches the capacitors?

Hybrid summing with analog mixer

I recently read this thread this guy is explaining how he uses his daw as a console and his analog mixer for summing:



It is the exact method that a lot of pros are doing now and I have always mixed in the box and don't know about hardware and wiring a whole lot so I am a bit of a noob on that, but I still wanted to give this mixing method a shot.

So, where we at with Analog vs. Digital these Days?

I know this is a pretty beaten up dead horse, but I really don't know the current state of approval/disapproval these days since I've been out of the groove a few years. Is online digital auto-mastering taking over too? I suspect many people are giving their own run at this with their own material and plugs?