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Anyone tested the Aphex 207 or the Pre-73 ?

I was looking for used gear in my area and found :
An Aphex 207 dual pre for 300$ and a Golden Age Project Pre 73 for 200$

I own a dbx 576 (tube pre and tube compressor combo) and while it's being bashed a lot on forums, it served me ok for years. But I'm looking for little update and have some options. (mainly for vocals, guitars etc...)

I like the idea of the 207 for stereo recording (guitars - overhead) and I wonder how it sounds.. even on vocals...

Aphex Aural Exciter Type C - Very Noisy Output!

Hey guys

First time posting here and hoping someone with some gear-fixing pazazzz can help with my little issue.

I bought an Aural Exciter type C off ebay and when I tested it, I got pretty crappy results.

For both channels, when the unit is engaged and the Mix control brought up, the noise floor becomes extremely high, rising as the control is increased. Then I bring up the Drive and the noise floor of course becomes even higher. The Tune control seems to work as it should but as the noise floor is so high, it's hard to tell.

ART Pro MPA II vs. Aphex 107

I currently have an Aphex 107, and have swapped the tubes. I haven't had much time to play around with it, and will still do a lot more experimenting before I make any decision, but what are your opinions on the ART Pro MPA when compared to the Aphex? Differences, pros and cons, etc. I know some people on here have experience with either one or both.

The Brick vs. Aphex 107 with 12AT7 Tubes

It's time for me to invest in a decent mic preamp. I'm looking at The Brick and the Aphex 107 with 12AT7 Tubes installed. I've been reading praise about both around here.

So, to help me out in my decision, I'd like to hear from any of you that have experience with either one (preferably both). I know there are some guys on here that are EXTREMELY knowledgeable on this stuff, and I'm sure I could use their help.

Thanks in advance

Aphex Comps

Recently I've been searching for a decent, but not too expensive compressor for vocals. From a bunch of research, I was able to deduce that the Aphex 651 or 661 would be better for vocals than a dbx 160a. Now, the question is which Aphex compressor should I go with? The 651 or the 661. The the only difference between them is apparently the tube output stage added in the 661, though both are extremely transparent from what I hear. The preamp that will be used is a Blue Robbie, which is also has a tube stage, but is quite transparent.

Aphex 107 modification

Hey all!
I know that the 107 does not fall into the "pro gear" category in many ways, but I have an old one that I was about to sell (cuz I never use it) and I heard that there are some good mods you can do to it.
I'm asking here because some people that post here seem to be a little more bold with mods. Any suggestions to make my 107 at least an "Interesting" addition to my collection? Any experiences you can share?