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apogee mini-me

DPA HMA5000 and ApogeeMiniMP and MiniME

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16 years 9 months

Here is a recording I did last night, I tried DPA's HMA5000 directly into the FF800, then I tried to run Apogee MiniMP and then MiniMe thru HMA5000 which was set to 0dB. Microphones is DPA 4003.

The interest in this topic seems to be so bad, so I delete the files

This three Bach pieces were played three times, one for each recording.

Which versions of Bach sounds best, perhaps no version sounds good? :?:

Apogee Mini-Me -> Latency Problems!

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21 years 3 months

I use an Apogee Mini-Me which has great converter but the latency is awful.

Using it with guitar rig, even when putting the lateny to 5ms it is much more!
And after playing a while it is even getting worse! Interresting?

When connecting the Mini-Me via Spdif to my MOTU 828, the latency is no more audiable (perfect), but I don't want to carry the 828 with me.

Can anybody help me? Is this a usual USB-Interface Problem?


RMEquadmic vs Apogeemini mp ratio

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21 years 3 months
I have the opportunity to buy 2 brand new Apogee MINI MPs for $899.
I was thinking about just buying a quadmic for my 4 channel location recordings for $489.
What is a better deal in this case.
Has somebody tryed the MINI MPs.
I have the octamic already so quadmic info is not needed.I know how it sound already.ANd I am very happy with it.

I guess I do not understand why MINI MP has only one advantage over Quadmic----15 db of extra gain and can exept 3db more input.
I do not understand why the price is so much more then quad.

Apogee MiniME vs RME Fireface 800

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21 years 3 months

I'm very interessted to record in good quality a piano with a matched pair of KM184. I need only 2 channels, no D/A, no Midi - only good piano sound. My laptop: Centrino 1,5 XP, USB and Firewire Input.

Which product would you prefer? Which sounds better? I know that the Apogee supports only 24/48 over the USB 1.1 Interface... Is there someone who knows both devices? What should I buy?

Please help!


Apogee Mini-Me build quality

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17 years 2 months
Is it just me or is the Mini-Me built like cheap crap?

I've been using mine a lot over the past three months, and now the gain knobs are crackly, and the monitor knob is beginning to act up as well. The cheap silver paint on the body should have been an indicator, but I never expected this.

I really like the Mini-Me, but this is ridiculous.

I'd love to hear other people's experieces.

John Stafford

Apogeemini me or Avalon 737sp

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21 years 3 months
I like to by some preamp with comp for vocal and acoustic guitar mainly because I use Vst instruments and samples for rest of instruments,so I wonder is it better have Apogee mini me which is preamp/comp and a/d converter in one place or Avalon 737sp is better choice because is tube?
My setup is 3 pc with MOTU 828mkII,MOTU 2408mkII,m-audio 2496
Tascam Dm24,
AKG 414 eb,nady 1050 tube mic
and Yamaha Ns10 with Alesis ra300

I am wonder do I need at all a/d converters as Apogee is ?
Thanks in advance

Metric Halo ULN2 vs Apogee Mini Me

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18 years 6 months
Hi, I am new here, I hope I have the right forum for this question. I have been using an Mbox for the past year as a tie over to getting something better. I am now at a toss up between the ULN 2 from Metric Halo, which sounded great and the Apogee Mini Me, more expensive but a lot where I am, but people rave about it. Which one has the better converters - ie which one is going to be a better front end for nearly everything that I record to digital? Speaking purely of the quality of the sound after it has been run through these machines?