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RMEquadmic vs Apogeemini mp ratio


I have the opportunity to buy 2 brand new Apogee MINI MPs for $899.
I was thinking about just buying a quadmic for my 4 channel location recordings for $489.
What is a better deal in this case.
Has somebody tryed the MINI MPs.
I have the octamic already so quadmic info is not needed.I know how it sound already.ANd I am very happy with it.

Apogee Mini-Me build quality

Is it just me or is the Mini-Me built like cheap crap?

I've been using mine a lot over the past three months, and now the gain knobs are crackly, and the monitor knob is beginning to act up as well. The cheap silver paint on the body should have been an indicator, but I never expected this.

I really like the Mini-Me, but this is ridiculous.