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baritone voices

Recording classic vocal (baritone) and piano

I'm asked to film a classic vocal and piano. Just for fun, no audience. In the past I've done some bigbandrecordings but this classic thing is a bit out of my confortzone. Filmwise I'll be ok but on the audioside I'm not Shure how to set up things. It's going to be recorded in an old barn with a wooden floor. Some of my mics I can use are 1x Austrian audio OC18, 2x Neumann km184, 1x AKG C414 xls, 1x AKG C214, 4x Oktava MK012, 2x Line audio cm3, 2x Line audio Omni1, and lot of dynamic and pzm mics. I'll record in 32bit float.
Any tips for mic placing?

Recording classical baritone singer


There have been many threads on this across the forum, but most of the ones I found are a bit old, so hear me out!

I'm a baritone singer and perform opera, art songs, and early music. My voice is perhaps medium for an opera singer (large for an early music singer). I'm looking for equipment I can use to record lessons and rehearsals, so that I can see how changes in technique come across to other listeners. Ideally I'd also be able to use these recordings for sending to conductors.

best mic for a bass-baritone narrator with a silky string?

Just wondering what you folks with good ears would suggest.

Back in the 60's I worked a Beyer birdcage ribbon (I don't know the model) that was pretty good with my voice (lousy radio studio). In the mid-80's I worked a U87 in a spectacular room and my voice never sounded so good, Unfortunately, the U87 I bought never sounded close to the U87 in that room (learned an expensive lesson). So I bought a TLM170 and promptly sold it. I've worked quite an array of mics over the years and have a NT1 RODE , RE20, Sennheiser 441 and a half dozen lesser microphones.

Mic recommendation for bass/baritone singer

My voice is a bit unusual given that it sounds higher pitched than it actually is. Similar to Garnet Roger's range but with higher overtones, a bit 'bellish' at times. I am trying to work my way through the myriad possibilities of mics for my home studio specifically for my vocals. For my acoustic guitar [Early Taylor 510] I use a 'stripped down' AKG 3000 [foam removed].
Anyone with experience in recording vocals who can recommend a short list of starters will really help.

Best baritone vocal mic?

Hi, I'm a sort of Dylanesque singer/songwriter that is recording at home & I am looking for a decent vocal mic for under $250. Considering a moded Oktava 319 - a ADK-A51 or a MXL v67i. Or wait to find a lucky deal ebay deal on a RODE . U can hear my vocals recorded 1 live(dynamic mic) and 2 Studio(Neumann or RODE ) tracks @ & click on media.



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