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building a studio

Building home studio in shipping container

Building a home studio, but this is what i'm working with, looks like there's no two-ways about it in terms of budget, location etc.:

-Building it in a shipping container. Yup, that's right. About 20'x6.5', height around 6.5'-8'
-Budget for sound-proofing and acoustic treatment: around $7,000 maybe could go a little more.

Anyone have any ideas how to do this right? And i will NOT be reading Rod Gervais's book before this, mainly because of time.

New and building a studio, requesting advice.


I finally decided to start building a soundproof studio, but I'm not sure what I want. I'm hoping this forum is a good place to get some insight.

I'm an average, self-taught musician. I've never done any "serious" recording on my own, but a band I was in self-produced a CD. So I've had minor experience in a recording atmosphere. Mostly in my past, I've only hit the record button on a tape deck and recorded myself.

Building a Studio, Room Size, carpet

Hi there
I'm having a studio built, and I've read some suggestions on other sites, and am receiving somewhat mixed suggestions.
The only problem is, I have to make these decisions in the very near future.. (the rooms are about to be built)

Question 1:
I have two options, the room can be 8x10 or 8x12.. Obviously the more room the better (to a point), but I'm curious if you all think that the extra 2 feet would have a major difference. (the less room I use up of the building the better, but i can take up the extra 2 ft if necessary)

Yet another Im building a Studio topic

well Like the topic says I'm going to be building a studio for my band this summer, and i've been experimenting a lot right now with just recording myself playing guitar. but I'm on a tight budget, i have 2000$ and a Custom built computer that i know will be able to handle anything right now. but anyways I'm looking for good equipment that you guys recommend.

Im using Sonar 4 and I'm going to need something that has many inputs for each mic. so i need something that has enough inputs for drums mics that i can separate the sound easily.