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Cascade Ribbon Microphones on Leslie Cabinet

I had to have my ribbons on my Cascade microphones remounted and I think it was from having the microphones to close to the rotating horn on top. There is some wind generated by the horn when on fast speed.

My question is: When I put a pop filter in front of the mic I still hear the low end wind from the horn rotating. Does this mean enough wind is getting through the pop filter to damage the mic?

I tried Blumlein and mid side and both sound wonderful. I just don't want to damage my ribbons again.

Any other ideas would be appreciated.

will my pres be enough for cascade fatheads?

i just bought a pair of cascade fatheads and am expecting them any day now. however, i'm not so sure that my pre amps are up to par with giving them enough gain. currently, i'm using a Mackie onyx 800r and an ART Pro MPA. will these be enough? if not, can anyone suggest a pair of pre amps for the fatheads that would also serve as a good compliment to the pres i already have? thanks in advance.


Cascade Fat Head II initial report

So after our discussion of recording marimba and a few other financial events in my life I decided to purchase a pair of Cascade Fat Head Ribbon mics. It turned out that they were out of the original Fat Heads in gold so they offered me a deal on the Fat Head IIs. They came late Wednesday, and I got around to trying them today.

Anyone here compare Cascade Fathead to M130?

I'm looking to get one or two ribbons (a new venture for this condenser addict) mainly for use as vocal or instrumental spots in classical work; just maybe as choral pickups when dealing with brass in the back row of an orch, or JUUUST MAAAAAYBE as a Blumlein pr. I'd be interested in any aneCDotes/experiences/recommendations retaled to these two mics in these applications.


Cascade Fathead Ribbon Mics

I think I asked about these before, but people had not had a chance to really get their hands on them yet. JoeH gave a quick thumbs up in a previous thread. Has anyone else tried these out? I'm very interested, but keep telling myself, " if it looks too good to be true..." I mean, come on - two ribbon mics, shock mounts, case, Blumlein bar for $325? What's the catch?

Cascade v55 tube mic is amazing

Along with the Apogee Big Ben, I purchased what may be the best value in a tube mic on the planet ($499.) the Cascade v55 valve tube mic is nothing short of amazing and truly able to keep pace with name brands costing well over $1,000. Anyone interested in details can respond or go to http://www.cascadem… or http://www.bayviewp…

Cascade Microphones

sup yall
i have obtained a cascade mx-22 mic and am curious if anyone has any good things to say about these mics
i am not sure if i like it as of yet... havent messed around too much with it
do i need to run this thing through a high quality pre?
this mic was somewhat of a replacement mic for an SP c1 i ordered but never came in
i was told the longshoreman strike affected the shipment of c1s to the place i ordered it from

anyways, any feedback on these mics would be greatly appreciated