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CD-R is a digital optical disc storage format. A CD-R disc is a compact disc that can be written once and read arbitrarily many times.

Recording onto CD-RW's - NEED HELP!

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21 years 2 months
This question is actually something that is concerning my boyfriend, Chad. He's computer illiterate so I'm doing the asking for hI'm :lol:

He owns a Tascam DP-01 FX/CD

He has no problem recording onto CD-R's, but when he tries to record onto a CD-RW, the recorder tells hI'm to insert a blank disc.

The one thing he tried was formatting the disc. This didn't seem to help the matter, as the recorder still didn't recognize the disc.

Re-Using CD-RW's

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14 years 11 months
Hello, I'm trying to use my CD-RW's for my songs so that I can listen to them on other systems but when I try to record the songs to the already used CD-RW which was used for movies in the past it constantly tells to that it needs to be erased. I erase it and try to record again then asks again to erase.

It is because I used it for movies and now I can only use it for movies?

Please help.


CD-R error checking - how? tools?

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I am looking for a tool (software for WinXP) which can test a newly burnt audio CD for errors, and which might give me a test report.

Is there anything you can recommend?

I am usually working with Cubase SX2 and Wavelab 4 on WinXP,
for burning I use Nero 5. That does not sound very pro, but I never had any complaints... but I'd feel better if I could technically test the CDs before they leave my studio!


Dedicated CD-R Audio Drive ?

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21 years 2 months


This is probably a Non-Issue, but it has crossed my mind a few times.

Does anyone use a dedicated CD-R Audio Drive, for burning Masters, that's NOT a DVD-R drive ? My instincts tell me that a drive & laser that's optimized for CD-R, not DVD-R would be better. Is this just "old school" stubbornness & superstition? ... as usual, guilty as charged !

I normally use the Yamaha CD F1 drives that came out a couple years ago, supposed to be the "tits" of Yamaha's 10+ year history of making CD burners. They do great burns, with a full set of PQ Codes.

amp/limiter before CD-recorder?

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21 years 2 months

Just wondering if I should be putting some sort of extra gain control device with limiter function between the send from my mixer and my CD-recorder? I had something like the Behringer mic100 in mind, except I'd need two - one for left & right, right?

Any comments would be appreciated.


Bounce Down to DAT or CD-R?

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21 years 2 months


I'm currently working on a project and I'll be sending it off to get mastered in the near future. So what should I bounce it down to, DAT or CD-R? I'm currently working in 24/48.

I've heard that DAT has lower error rates than CD-R, but as far as I know DAT's are only 16 bit, right?

If DAT is the preffered media. .

Then what DAT machine do you guys recomend? (If it makes any difference) I need one that has a SPDIF coax input, as I will be using outboard converters.