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Video studio layout?

Thinking about a video studio with two sets, one at each end of an isolated room.

Anything obviously terrible about this layout?  Would the deflected walls / ceiling design be sufficient to deal with resonance?

Could the building's exterior wall be an "M" in the M-A-M design?  What would the material layers look like?  Open studs on the inside filled with Roxul, two layers of sheet rock on the outside, then wood and siding over that?

Quick Room Construction Question - Exterior Wall Mass

Thanks to all on this forum for providing advice and expertise! I've read "Home Recording Studio Build It Like the Pros" a couple times now and I'm moving along with plans for a small room in a detached garage. I'm at the point that I have one immediate question about exterior wall mass, and I would of course appreciate any comments or suggestions. I will attach some 2D CAD drawings (I'm using LibreCad) and I hope everything will be clear. Here's the background...

Ceiling Construction Question

Hi all,

I read Rod Gervais' book, second edition. In the book, he discusses securing 2-3 layers of gypsum between the ceiling joists to add mass to the ceiling and then caulking around the gypsum panels to secure and seal. My questions are: should I use Green Glue caulk for the caulking around the panels or just regular caulk, and is there any benefit to using Greenglue compound between the panels as described for wall assemblies, but not here?

Thanks! Sorry if this question has come up before, I couldn't find it in a search.

Old House retrofit construction questions

OK, I have been reading Rod's book and have a couple of questions about how to retrofit an existing space in regards to Mass Air Mass concept and keeping it airtight.

Situation: 1925 Craftsman House of shiplap construction with a walk out basement/garage that is not insulated to be turned into a recording area. There are two small rooms with low ceilings that I have to work with. One room is on a slab, and the other has wooden floor joists. Plan to use one room for tracking and the other for a control room.

Question about Rod's book/my construction?

Hey guys--my name is Peter. I'm new here--I found this forum after reading through Rod's book. I'm about to have a studio built in a room in my basement in Colorado (by a guy who I know has built at least ONE studio before shown here:, and I've been really going back and forth over Rod's book trying to find an answer, but have been unable to find one just yet. Wondering if some of you guys could maybe help? I'd sure appreciate it.

DAW construction - advice needed re motherboard!

Greetings all, my first post here. I've read lots of useful info here and now I'm after some specific info.

I need to build a fairly professional DAW on a tight budget (sigh) for my little cottage studio. I'm hoping the Intel P4 550 3.4Ghz processor will be powerful enough to build around, for a system which will be recording and mixing a lot of tracks at once. Almost no MIDI - mainly alternative rock/indie stuff. Is it fast enough?

We can't afford a dual core system right now, maybe Christmas...please Santa.



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