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Crown Power Amplifier?

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9 years 8 months
Was simply wondering what amplifier I should get for my studio monitors. I do not have powered speakers nor do I want to buy them. Not sure on the specs on my 2 monitors but I'm surely going to need an amplifier w/ 2 outputs that would bridge out in mono to each speaker. This setup is strictly going to be for my home studio. They are Pulsar monitors and were given to me by a DJ. They will not be used for gigs... I was thinking a Crown amp but am open to other opinions. I'm looking for value = Good quality, fair price. Looking forward to many comments.

Crown PCC-160

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10 years 8 months
Hi guys,
that's my very first post!:redface: i love your forum, you gave me great advices, i hope my english is understandable...

ok, i am audio engineer in a teather and i have to buy some mics for actors on stage.. someone told me about the Crown PCC-160 being an excellent choice for this purpose.
but someone other told me that this microphone is great for application (on the stage, capting first reflections of voices and sounds), but not that good for sound quality.
does anybody know something more, or have experience whit this mics?

Wiring a sub to a crown power amp?

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11 years 10 months
Im stuck again, i just bought a new sub to go with my klipsch speakers for my mixing station.
Speakers=klipsch wf-35's
Sub=tannoy revolution sub 1001
Power amp=crown 202 (no sub out).

The crown has speaker terminals out that are wired to the klipsch and it also has speakon output connectors.
The sub has right +/- high level speaker connectors and left +/- input speaker connectors.

Crown XTi4000 for Bose 802 III series

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16 years 7 months

I'm actually a Bose user.Normally will use a Parraller Bose (2 on Left and 2 on Right for my small concert...I'm now looking for a New Amplifier to pair with my Bose...What's your recommendation?and my budget is around USD1k.What do you think about Crown XTi4000?

Type of Music Catogary:~ Pop Rock.

p/s: Used Bose Amplifier recently,it's good enough for me, but wish to get another Parraller set of Bose, unluckily Bose Amplifier looking for a brand new stuff..

Thanks for advise!

replacing Crown amplifiers

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16 years 1 month
I'm thinking of retiring a rack full of venerable Crown amps (VZ5000, 3600 & 2400) and replacing them with something a bit more modern, such as MC2:

Any thoughts? They will be used roughly equally for live gigs and club nights, in a permanent install, driving EAW 850 boxes plus subs. Anyone here using MC2 amps in such a situation? How do they sound? They happy to run flat-out all night at 2 ohms?

crown cm-310a

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21 years 2 months
hi there, i have heard various opions on the crown cm-310 mic. some say it sounds just fine others say it sounds bad.what is the general concencus? does it really sound any worse than any other small diaphrame condenser mic (like the Shure beta 87's or Sennheiser e865)or is it just that some people prefer the sound of other mics. i would test one myself but you vant really get them here in the uk and I'm not gonna get one from the states without a few opions. cheers

p.s.i know you have to have your lips touch the grill to get the gain etc...


Recording bowed strings with Crown GLM's

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21 years 2 months
Any tips on mic placement etc. please for recording bowed strings (folk fiddles, cello) with Crown GLM subminiature mics? Reason is I've got a some GLM-100s and a 200 for gigs, and I read that the Turtle Island String Quartet recorded their 1st CD using GLM's. For gigs I wedge the pop shield between the strings back of the bridge or velcro them to the bottom of the tailpiece.



Audix 0m7, elecrovoice ND967, crown 310 mics best?

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21 years 2 months
ive done a little research and all 3 of these mics claI'm to give the most gain before feedback. i wondered if anyone had had any experience with them and which might actually do the job best and sound good doing it at the same time.
thanks :)