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Great Recording Cymbals

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10 years 6 months
Hey everyone. If you are looking for some great cymbals for recording, check out Diril Cymbals. I own a ride cymbal and two crashes from them, and I have never been so satisfied with an instrument purchase. Each cymbal is hand crafted in Samsun, Turkey, and they are incredibly gorgeous sounding. You can check out their website at http:// or and you can hear recordings of my band using them at

Can't correct cymbals phasing issue

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10 years 5 months
I'm trying to restore some old tracks that i transferred from years ago into Cubase5. Does anyone know how I can repair really bad phasing issues on just the cymbals? I only have 2 drum tracks to work with (a kick & overhead). I isolated every other part of the drum on different tracks to sound good. I just figure how to try & rescue these cymbals to make them sound half-way decent to blend them in the mix. Would anyone have a clue?

Here's a sample of the issue (just a little .wav snippet to download)..

Coles STC4030 on cymbal/hi-hat

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14 years 8 months
Hello all,

I am currently recording a friend's project, an automated music machine, and have a question about one of the mics available.

It is a (appears to be fairly old) Coles STC4030 ribbon mic and I have had fun using it so far in Mid/Side configuration.

I have heard that some have had luck with close micing cymbals/hi hats. Bleed will definitely not be an issue for me and I have a variety of mics here to choose from.

Cymbal ringing sound

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13 years 1 month
Did a short recording session yesterday for some scratch tracks for a couple of song demos. The drummer was using a 22" Zildjian K Custom Dark Ride Cymbal. There was an annoying (to my ears anyway) ringing sound that when I first heard it I thought came from mic placement, but after several adjustments to no avail, I realized it was the cymbals sound itself. I had hI'm add another felt washer (larger than was previously employed) and it seemed to correct the problem.

Loud cymbals

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21 years 2 months
Well, I'm beginning to work on the mix for my instrument tracks, and it appears I accidentally turned the cymbals up a bit too high. Unfortunately, I recorded with electronic drums in stereo, so I can't adjust individual drum voices. The largest problem seems to be that the cymbals are drowning out the snare a bit. I'm not really an EQ expert on drums, so if I could get some suggestions as to how I might tone the cymbals down while affecting the snare and other voices minimally, I will be quite grateful.

Taming Cymbals

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21 years 2 months
Alright, so I just listened to a really rough mix in my car of a song I've been working on for a few days, and I noticed that the cymbals in the song, almost all the highs actually, were really shrill almost to the point of being unlistenable. The whole song is also rather thin sounding. This is contrary to how everything was sounding coming out of my monitors. Is this something that I'll be able to adjust in the mastering process? I know very little about it, so any advice would be helpful.

Cymbal Stick Sound

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13 years 11 months
What I'd like to do is remove the stick sound (well, limit it) on the crash cymbal, which was being used to tap, not crash. The idea was to limit the spike in volume caused by the stick hitting the drum.
It's 2 recorderman-placed overhead tracks with a bit of bass boost.
I had an idea of using some a multiband compressor to limit the attack on the cymbal...but since it's an overhead, I don't want to kill the snare.

These tracks aren't critical but I expect to be recording some drums properly for a song and I'd like to know what to do and how.

"Bass Drops" and "Backward Cymbals"

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15 years 4 months
I will be recording a death metal band soon and they want the electronic "bass drops" and "backward, shimmering cymbal" sounds to accompany their music. Where can I get these sounds from?

The guy at the local GC said that I need to buy the entire Battery program from Waves, however I am sure that there is a better way to them than that.

Can someone please help me here? I do not want to lose the business of this band because I can not give them what they want for electronic sounds...

Thanks so much!