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We believe microphones are essentially EQ devices. We further believe that if all your microphones sound the same, then your gear isn’t serving you as well as it could. We can help you build some extraordinarily musical variety into your mic locker.

AKG genuine CK12 Brass capsule: building DIY mic with a single Jfet-transistor


I have got discovered vintage AKG CK12 Brass capsule at home.

I would like to build a mic with this capsule and use a standard one-transistor Jfet circuit of ECM electret mics (common source either
source follower)...

Has anyone ever tried to wire such a large capsule with a single Jfet transistor ? Do you think this might work as a decent condenser mic ?

How to choose a DIY microphone from (MicParts)


I've been ask a few times lately about what model would be the best to order from MicParts. So in this video I test 3 mics, the T47, T12 and S87

At 2 min, I made a mistake and mention the U87 but it's in fact the U47 ;)

Let me know what you think !

DIY Mic - where do I buy parts ?


Hi gang,

Some of you know I did try a kit of
I ran to a few problem with the kit. It didn't work and after a great help doing a dozen test I ordered another circuit without the transformer.
I build the new circuit and got the same results.. so I'm in need of another transformer.
It's a small 6.5 : 1 output transformer.

DIY mic preamp options?


Hi all, brand new here. Hope I'm asking in the right place.

I've been in live sound for ages but am just building up my first recording rig.

I have a pair of AKG 414's and would like to complement them with some better preamps than my Soundcraft K1 console (which seems fine for general band tracking but I'd like something a bit special for vocal overdubs etc).