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ASIO Driver Open failure! Cubase

Hi there,
I got myself a new PC, reinstalled Cubase with all licenses etc.. and it works fine.
Now I wanted to connect my Tascam 16x08 interface, so I got the latest driver. Note: the interface is at the studio, so I didnt connect it yet. Just wanted to install the 16x08 driver in advance.

So I did that, and it also shows up in Cubase to select in the studio settings. BUT as soon as I select it, it says "ASIO Driver Open Failure!"

Anybody here with similar experiences who could help out?

Windows 10

Problems installing Tascam US-1641 driver on Windows 7 DAW

I am trying to install the latest driver pack that Tascam has for the US-1641 on a 64-bit windows 7 OS, but every time I try to install it the computer restarts in the middle of the process. It then boots up and asks if I want to boot in safe mode, so I have a feeling it is something in the system. I have checked for updates to the OS, but it keeps saying it is up to date. I have tried running it in compatability mode, and had the same results. i have tried running it as an administrator and still the same thing happened. Any one have any idea what I should do?

Help. New computer, lost driver disc and more

I need to get the copy that came wi th my Avid recording studio onto my new computer. I have the old computer, but that's not helping, considering I can't find the driver disc which also had the version of Pro Tools on it I was using (I'm assuming a scaled down version of pro tools since the interface is so cheap). I *think* I downloaded the right driver from the web site, but it's useless without the recording software. What to do now? Is there a way to patch from one computer to another? I need it for a project I'm working on tomorrow. And I've hunted everwhere for it.

Steinberg 816x - failed to initialize - Yamaha WDM driver disappears.

Hello to all
I have a PC and a Steinberg 816x and a very strange problem.
After installing the driver and the software everything works well.
Problem starts when after rebooting the windows (XP SP2) I get a following error message on the screen: "Failed to initialize".
It's about the Yamaha FW bus driver, but after checking the Cotrol Panel I see that from 3 sound drivers I should have one - Yamaha WDM driver - disappears.
It happens everytime I repeat the clean instalation.
I've tried another FW PCMCIA card, but the problem remains.

Please help! Sound driver annoyances

I've been having problems for a while with my M-Audio Fast Track Pro Interface. Most of the time i can get it to work, and other times it won't allow me to use it. When i go into the Cubase control panel to select the master driver "M-Audio USB ASIO", ill get a popup saying "Audio Engine Error: Could not activate ASIO Driver M-Audio USB ASIO". Sometimes if i just turn the interface off and on again it'll work like normal, other times it just won't work for days.

Audio Driver Error

Hello everyone, I have a little problem with the Sonar 6 LE maybe you could help.
I just bought an Edirol AU-4FX that came with the sonar, I installed all the drivers and stuff, the audio card works very well, but when I run Sonar 6 le appears a little window that say “AUDIO DRIVER ERROR: EDIROL UA-4FX ITS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE AUDIO FORMAT OR IS IN USE BY ANOTHER APPLICATION” so it doesn’t let me fix the track to make a new recording, please if anybody know something about it I’ll appreciate any help. Thanks for everything,



M-Audio FastTrack Pro Driver Help.

Hey, I recently got a VERY bad virus because of a stupid friend. So I reformatted my PC. I dled the newest driver for my fast track pro becuase i cant use the disk that came with it cause my CD drive is broke but I CANNOT get the stupid thing to work ive tried EVERYTHING! Ive tried the advice on maudios site and everything it won't work AT ALL! when i install it it says in the device manager that i have an error code 39... please help me! thanx!


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