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Recording drums to sound big in a small room for hard rock/metal projects

I would like some feedback. I just finished an iso room in my studio to track in. I’m a drummer and I will never have the square foot or height to track ambient drums. I’m ok with that and I’m fine with adding room post tracking. I guess the biggest challenge I face is getting the drums sound big enough for hard rock/metal projects. Here’s a sample of arecent drum sample I tracked in the new room. I added the room sI'm post tracking.

Building a new Drum Room


I have been slowly working on building out a new room in my basement for practicing/recording drums.
It's been a slow process, that has thus far involved removing water heaters, and breaking up the concrete floor to re-route the water main so that I have a relatively unobstructed floor space to work with.
I have about 8' 4" from floor to the bottom of the ceiling joists, and about 11 1/2' x 14' of space to work with.

As a side note, the rest of the basement is finished, and the lovely wife isn't wild about me tearing that stuff apart as I do my build.

Ideal drywall setup for drum room?

Hi all,

I'm building a drum studio in my garden. It is purpose built, and completely detached from any other building. I have a double stud construction already in position, formatted to make a two-leaf assembly. I will have outer, external layer, insulation, air-gap (1 inch), insulation, inner board, and it's the inner board I'm asking about.

Rod's book mentions two layers of standard dry wall. I have a few questions here:

Building a large wood room to record drums

Ok so I understand that many professional studios use big open wooden rooms to record drums in to get a more punchy sound. I happened to come across an article that said if you go out and buy plywood to put over the walls (and floor if there's carpet) that it will help achieve something close to that sound you can achieve in the professional studio.

I have several questions about using this method,

What makes a great drum room for recording?

I've got a potential recording session coming up with a heavy a-la SevenDust band. I recorded them years ago when I didn't know what I was doing at all. Now I certainly know enough to be dangerous. My actual studio space is small. 7 foot ceiling and only 13 x 22. I have an alternative recording space I could use if I wanted to move my recording rig to this other location just to record drums. It has 12 foot ceilings and the room is like 60 x 25. Do you think that it could make a huge difference in the end result?

Drum Room

Hey guys, Right now I'm trying to record drums, but I just cant get the sound I'm looking for. My kit is in a 10x11 room with heavy foam and blankets. The rest of my house is completely open. I was thinking of moving my drums to the living room. OK, so heres my question, does the room really have a big effect on a close miked drum kit? Should I move my kit to record?