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Earbuds used by drummers live

I often see drummers wearing some sort of earbuds for live performances. I'm looking to use earbuds for monitoring my digital piano (just for live jams where there is no amp monitor).

Should I be OK with something like the Shure SE215-Dynamic-Microdriver-Earphones?

Overhead choice for LOUD or LIVE performance drummers?

Hi everyone,

Over the years I've gradually taken on the job of *the guy who records stuff* in the three bands I play in.
My setup is focused on staying portable and leaning towards fast/easy to setup and break down, with all of my mics plugging into a Zoom Livetrak L-20. I don't own any ribbons or tube mics, and unlikely to in the short term.

Recording Jazz with Two Drummers?

Ok, session is in two days.. will be doing live jazz with the following in one room: two drummers (both excellent drummers), sax .. the sax will both be "standard" into a mic format, and our favorite new trick: sax into a mic through a wah pedal into an amp (mic the amp). The standup bass will be in an isolated room.

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