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Broadcast announcer's microphone with Variable‑D

Electro-Voice RE20 for acoustic guitar?

I have a client coming in later this week; a singer-songwriter who plays acoustic ( I don't know what model, he has several) and in our phone conversation, he was asking me about my mic selection; I gave him a general overview of what I had, and when I mentioned - in passing - that I have several dynamics, including an Electro-Voice RE20, he got excited with the idea of me Micing his a

EV RE20 vs Heil PR40?

The reason Im asking is because people speak highly of the RE20, but I see it mostly associated with Micing drums rather than vocals, though Ive heard/seen examples of what it sounds lik with vocals. I like the fact that it has the high pass/low cut switch.

Ive also heard a lot of people speak highly of the Heil PR40, so Im wondering which you guys think is better?

What mic preamp is good for RE-20 for VO work?


What type of preamp should I be looking for for RE20 when doing VO for radio. I am looking for something that is going to get me the best out of the mic for a relatively decent type of price.

I mean I am not looking to go super elaborate here, just something to bring the best out of the mic.

Any suggestions would be great, thank you.

Buying RE-20 for VO work. Is my equip. sufficient for it?

I am currently using an AT-3035 for my voice-over work for radio promos/imaging. I am running my mic through an Alesis Multi-Mix 6 mixer, into a PC with X-fi sound card.

The Problem: The condensor mic gives me an alright sound but WAY too much "room" sound, and I read that the RE-20 is the best at blocking most of that out.

RE20, SM7, MD 421 or AT3035 for recording audio book/eduCD

Hi to everyone

As I mentioned in the title, I need to record some speaking voice/narrations with male and female talents for audio book/educational CD with lessons for the foreign langauge. Since the budget is pretty tight (as usuall), the narrators would be teachers; not proffesional voice over talents.