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ev re20

EV RE20 vs RE320

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7 years 9 months

I've never used the Electro-Voice RE20, but I know many of you US people swear by them, along with the Shure SM7, and I know the radio and VO people really like them. They're just not very popular here. However, I have two different projects coming up and it occurred to me that the 320, could possibly do both. The first job involves a non-music recording project where the person I need to record decent audio from moves around. I watched the EVmicman videos on youtube, and for the first time discovered the lack of proximity effect these mics have by design.

EV RE20 vs Heil PR40?

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10 years

The reason Im asking is because people speak highly of the RE20, but I see it mostly associated with micing drums rather than vocals, though Ive heard/seen examples of what it sounds lik with vocals. I like the fact that it has the high pass/low cut switch.

Ive also heard a lot of people speak highly of the Heil PR40, so Im wondering which you guys think is better?

What mic preamp is good for RE-20 for VO work?

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21 years 2 months
What type of preamp should I be looking for for RE20 when doing VO for radio. I am looking for something that is going to get me the best out of the mic for a relatively decent type of price.

I mean I am not looking to go super elaborate here, just something to bring the best out of the mic.

Any suggestions would be great, thank you.

Buying RE-20 for VO work. Is my equip. sufficient for it?

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21 years 2 months
I am currently using an AT-3035 for my voiceover work for radio promos/imaging. I am running my mic through an Alesis Multi-Mix 6 mixer, into a PC with X-fi sound card.

The Problem: The condensor mic gives me an alright sound but WAY too much "room" sound, and I read that the RE-20 is the best at blocking most of that out.

My question is whether or not my equipment will run that mic, as well, is it worth it for me to upgrade or do I need more equipment to get its full potential out of it?

Any opinions on the Heil PR40 and Electro-Voice RE20/RE27 mics?

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16 years
I'm looking to add a couple mics to my setup. Right now all I have is an AT4033. I'm mainly recording vocals and recording acoustic guitar. The Heil PR40 seems nice for the price but I've never heard one, any opinions? Also curious if anyone here as any tips for getting decent mics on a budget?

In terms of having one really exceptional sounding voiceover mic is the Electro-Voice RE20/27 a good choice? I notice they seem to be a defacto standard for the broadcast industry, particularly radio guys, and not too badly priced... Any advice is appreciated, thanks! :)

SM7 vs RE-20 vs ATM25

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21 years 2 months

I am looking for a nice dynamic for recording that will fit these roles:

1) Studio Voiceover
2) Kick/Bass cab
3) Intrument - Trumpet/Sax

I have a PreSonus Firepod for location work and a Firewire 410 for home use.

I listened to the Sennheiser. 421 and did not like it, so I came up with these three.

If the ATM25 is close it has a price 1/3 of the others, it will probably win, but quality is important to me.


EV RE-20 vs RØDE

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20 years 8 months
I am working with a church that has an Electro-Voice RE-20 and wants to record their soloists..mostly female. I suggested they get a RØDE NT1, NT2, etc with better frequency response. The Electro-Voice sounds thin and checking into the response I can see why.

Isn't the RE-20 used mostly for bass drum? Anyone familiar with the Electro-Voice mic?