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field recording


What equipment do I need for field recording?

  • A portable field mixer.
  • Wireless microphone systems.
  • A shotgun microphone and boom-pole
  • Wind protection for the mics.
  • A field recorder. Headphones.

This weekend's project - will it work, or won't it?

We get quite a bit of work because we work across technical boundaries - We're working for a well known client next week who is putting his comedy show out on a streaming platform - so it's lights, sound (recording and PA) and video - we won't edit - just provide the services on the day of the shoot. This weekend though, it's one of our choir groups - can you do our first concert since lockdown ended - as a video and sound project. I asked when and where. All agreed and I've worked in that church before, so knowing the choir (and the awful piano/nice organ) all got agreed and times set.

Mics for Field recording

I am buying some equipment for doing some field recording, ambiental sounds, natural sounds but also machines, rocks, chains: everything i'll find on my way, both indoor and outdoor. The main purpose is collecting sounds for music making.

My recording device is a Dr-40 Tascam.
Microphones: the whole me/k6 collection (used at ebay ;) )

Now I was thinking about slowly upgrading my mics to some more professional ones.

StagePas 300 to Olympus LS-10 - Direct Recording


I use an Olympus LS-10 http://www.wingfiel… to record an Yamaha StagePas 300 output during our singing club sessions and I currently do this using the remote control and the Olympus twin microphones on the LS-10 unit itself but I am sure this isn't the best way.

What I would like to do is connect the StagePas 300 directly to the Olympus LS-10 and record that way.

Quiet 2 channel field-recorder for nature recording

I have been happily using the Zoom H4N and have recorded lots of wonderful nature sounds, and now I am looking to bump up the quality of my nature field-recordings by buying a field recorder with QUIET preamps .

BUT, unfortunately I don't have the money for one of those kick-butt Sound Devices machines. .

I done a lot of online research and am just about ready to buy the Tascam DR-680, I have read many users who swear by their QUIET preamps .

Field Recording equipment bag?

Hi, sorry if i've posted in the wrong section. I dont know where to post film making sound threads.

I am currently looking to buy a field recording bag that can hold a "Sound Devices 722" recorder, a Sound Devices 302" mixer and two lav receivers. I have heard the "Petrol Deca" bags are quite good but there's too many too choose from and I don't know which is best suited. Do any of you guys know what is a good bag to get for field recording? It can be another brand as well.


Field audio recording to supplement photos. Help?


I'm new here and I couldn't really tell where the best place to post this would be but I figured I had to try somewhere.

I'm looking to record more audio to supplement my photography work for audio slideshows and other work on this new(-er) website called Cowbird.

I really love the depth that audio can add, and it allows me to write around subjects and focus on details while the audio plays.

Best field recording mic for a backpack/budget


I'm going to be doing some field recordings in some remote parts of Scandanavia, where my gear will all need to fit into a backpack. I've picked up a Tascam DR-100mkii for a good price, and I'm now looking around for a microphone. I can use the Tascam's onboard mics for some close-up applications, but I might also be recording animals and sounds from a distance of up to 10 yards, in fairly windy, flat areas.

Under $100: Best set up for recording interviews in the field?


I'm hoping someone can help me here. We are in Thailand right now, working with an NGO and part of our job will be to collect stories from farmers and villagers in rural Laos.

We will be going back to the States in a few weeks to collect some gear and so I'm trying to order it now so that it will get there by the time we arrive.

My question: all I have right now is a little digital pocket voice recorder. I'd like something better but it needs to not be expensive (

only one channel only out of a field recording setup,help!

I've been googling a bit and searching the forum but nothing has come up, so i thought id go ahead and ask.

Basically, Ive got a RODE NT1A > Rolls IIB PB224 Phantom Power Supply > Sony RH1 minidisc recorder.

I'm getting good sound out of it, but it is ONLY in the left ear of the headphone, thats abnormal, right?

The cable from the phantom power unit to the recorder is balanced, but I cant verify if the cable I bought that connects the mic and phantom power is balanced, could that be the issue?


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