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What equipment do I need for field recording?

  • A portable field mixer.
  • Wireless microphone systems.
  • A shotgun microphone and boom-pole
  • Wind protection for the mics.
  • A field recorder. Headphones.

This weekend's project - will it work, or won't it?

We get quite a bit of work because we work across technical boundaries - We're working for a well known client next week who is putting his comedy show out on a streaming platform - so it's lights, sound (recording and PA) and video - we won't edit - just provide the services on the day of the shoot.

Quiet 2 channel field-recorder for nature recording

I have been happily using the Zoom H4N and have recorded lots of wonderful nature sounds, and now I am looking to bump up the quality of my nature field-recordings by buying a field recorder with QUIET preamps .

BUT, unfortunately I don't have the money for one of those kick-butt Sound Devices machines. .

Interesting field recording subjects?

Hi all.

I recently started making field recordings in my spare time just for the fun of it, so far I have made some nice recordings of some trams and I am off soon to record a wind turbine and a few convolution impulses around some interesting architecture in my city.

Feel free to have a listen.

Tram 1

Tram 2

Under $100: Best set up for recording interviews in the field?


I'm hoping someone can help me here. We are in Thailand right now, working with an NGO and part of our job will be to collect stories from farmers and villagers in rural Laos.

We will be going back to the States in a few weeks to collect some gear and so I'm trying to order it now so that it will get there by the time we arrive.

only one channel only out of a field recording setup,help!

I've been googling a bit and searching the forum but nothing has come up, so i thought id go ahead and ask.

Basically, Ive got a RODE NT1A > Rolls IIB PB224 Phantom Power Supply > Sony RH1 minidisc recorder.

I'm getting good sound out of it, but it is ONLY in the left ear of the headphone, thats abnormal, right?


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