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Free Acoustica British Style Channel Strip

Till 2/14/21 you can get a free acoustica pluggin. Seems pretty cool from what i can tell on my phone. There's a fair amount of people singing praises about acoustica sound quality, and noting there CPU intense nature.

Hope i get mine in time, figure y'all might be interested.

Free Convolution Verb with Lexicon 480

I have a limiter plug from this company, and came across this free convolution verb they offer. Seemed reasonable from the YouTube and useful for stylized 80s sounds from the vintage section. I wonder if any of the other ir's are useful. Im gonna give it a try. I like it has zero latency mode. Check it out if your interested.

Free eBook: Learn to Create Mixes with Headphones That Translate

Is it possible to create a commercial-quality mix on headphones? What to look out for when mixing on headphones? How to turn a good pair of headphones into a great one?

Backed by years of experience in over 25,000 recording studios as well as thousands of headphone measurements in Sonarworks labs, we know what makes or breaks your mix.

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My Journey as a Musician (Feel free to share yours)

My mother, (now retired) taught music at an elementary school for 22 years and was a major part of getting the school awarded the Blue Ribbon school of the country. I was her student for a few years and then off to middle school.
When I got kicked out of high school, I started dinking around on a cheap MIDI piano. Ran it into SONY ACID (does anyone remember SONY ACID? :sneaky:) and then attached a $15 mic I got from radio shack.

Free sample packs and sound effects for you.

Hello guys. I know websites that music producers can use to score free samples and loops for their music. The secret is knowing where to look. So, I’ve made the process even easier by compiling a list of websites that offer free samples and loops that you can use in your next project. Many of these sites vary from major sound databases like Freesound . org to small blog sites dedicated to a particular niche.