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Furman Power


For over four decades, pro studios worldwide have relied on Furman products. They eliminate noise and interference to let all connected AV equipment. Furman power products are the most trusted in the world by artists, A/V professionals, the recording industry and technology integration firms for premium power conditioning, protection, regulation, sequencing and distribution.

Furman PL-8 PL-PLUS lights won't work

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6 years 5 months
I replaced the bulbs with identical bulbs from wallmart, but they only had 4W lights at the store. That shouldn't matter, the base was the same. Anyway they were burnt out. But the new lights won't come on at all. I opened my http://www.furmanso…"]Furman[/]="http://www.furmanso…"]Furman[/] and tried wiggling some wires to see if there was a short. Nothing.

Will a furman help eliminate guitar issues

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17 years 8 months

I was wanting to know if investing in a furman line conditioner, and running my recording rig through it, will help in eliminating the noise issues I'm having with electric guitars and basses. I can quite safely say that the guitars in question are reasonably new, and well made, and have their wiring in order. This is for DI recordings only.

the noise is a broadband buzz... (more audible in the higher registers)

I am looking at the Pl series.