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Lexicon MPX-550 vs. Kurzweil Rumour

lookin 2 go out the box for reverb. We do hip hop here and wanna conserve on cpu. PT LE 6.4 Digi 002 on G4 dp 1.25

so i look @ these 2 items right now, read a lot about them. just wanna kno from users if any their 2.5 cents on what the think of either.

which is better soundin, better dealin w/ latency, best realism, etc.

thanks guys.

much love.

Abdul-Badi as Salaam
for InstraMentalz
Phanatiks Entertainment
AlleyWay Studios
Newburgh, NY 12Five50

Demo a Kurzweil KSP8 online

Harmony Central is providing a wonderful service.
You can upload your own wave file and have it processed at
44.1K 16bit and hear all the presets!
You can even hear the presets from other processors and
compare. The downloaded file is MP3 but at least all waves
are processed on the units and then converted. It only takes a
minute to process and download.
For all you guys that live away from the good music stores, now
is your chance to demo the KSP8 ! Just register, upload and

kurzweil ksp8?

I've heard a bunch of good stuff about this unit, especially from Fletcher saying it "ate the Lexicon 960 and TC 6000 for breakfast and sh*t them out before lunch" This definetly gets my interest going. But I still havent heard of anyone actually owning one of these.
I'm looking for a good reverb unit and being able to have 8 channels of it seems awefully tempting. Anyone compared it to the Lexicon PCM series or TC 3000?