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Equal loudness contours

Equal loudness contours - A set of curves of equivalent loudness, which model the ear’s frequency response throughout the audible spectrum. The curves, obtained from actual testing, show how much more sound power is required at one frequency than another to obtain a sound of equal loudness. The results show that the human ear is less sensitive to sound at the extreme high and low frequencies.

Equal-loudness contour

An equal-loudness contour is a measure of sound pressure (dB SPL), over the frequency spectrum, for which a listener perceives a constant loudness when presented with pure steady tones. The unit of measurement for loudness levels is the phon, and is arrived at by reference to equal-loudness contours. By definition, two sine Wavesof differing frequencies are said to have equal-loudness level measured in phons if they are perceived as equally loud by the average young person without significant hearing impairment.

Mastering Loudness Help

hello i am using izotope ozone 7 to master my original songs and am having trouble with the overall loudness or dynamics of the things i master. for example when i listen to my reference tracks and turn up the volume on my headphones or monitors, i have no problem with distortion or have any problems with irritating my ears. the masters of the songs I'm trying to emulate sound crisp and clear no matter the loudness or volume i set. on the other hand, the things I'm mastering sound okay at a regular volume level, but when i turn it up on my headphones they start to irritate my ears.

The loudness wars killing our reputation

I had a band in to make their ep in my studio in november last year. As I run a little one-man-studio in my sparetime I try to work with bands as smoothly and nicely I can while doing all the stuff myself. I depend on them to get the feeling of coming in having a great time while recording some music so that they might spread the word around of my little studio. Now as a small project studio I offer my clients a complete finnished mastered record at a very low price so that young kids would be able to afford to make their own record without spending thousands of dollars.

The Loudness War Has Been Won: Press Release

14 Oct 2013

Orlando, Florida: “The debilitating loudness war has finally been won,” said mastering engineer Bob Katz on the eve of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention in New York City. The last battle will be over by mid-2014.”