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loudness wars

The loudness wars killing our reputation


I had a band in to make their ep in my studio in november last year. As I run a little one-man-studio in my sparetime I try to work with bands as smoothly and nicely I can while doing all the stuff myself. I depend on them to get the feeling of coming in having a great time while recording some music so that they might spread the word around of my little studio. Now as a small project studio I offer my clients a complete finnished mastered record at a very low price so that young kids would be able to afford to make their own record without spending thousands of dollars.

More on loudness wars!!


Interesting site I found. Not sure if its been mentioned here.

I guess everyone is worried that after consumers have a LOUD CD in the deck, and switching to a Dyanamic CD(not so loud),
that the consumer will wonder,
"Why the hell is this one so low."
And they will link that to quality issues, or something of the such.

Im talking about regular consumers, that have no Idea about music production and mastering. They just listen to music.

More on the loudness wars


A very good article on the loundness wars....,1,7109479.story?page=1&ctrack=2&cset=true&track=rss

Mark my words, all you wanna-be mastering engineers out there: There will be a new career waiting someday, for those who have the guts: REMASTERS of great works, without all the finalizers and compressors.