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Metric Halo, manufacturers of Macintosh audio interfaces and software.

logic 6.4.2 with metric halo 2882: clicks

ok. we are using logic 6.4.2 with the metric halo 2882 (8 in and 8 out) interface and experiencing some issues. one of these being clicks on the while recording anything through the analog inputs. all the wiring has been tested so it would seem to be a software issue. also being used is the tc powercore firewire hardware unit without plugins active during recording.

Metric Halo ULN2 vs Apogee Mini Me

Hi, I am new here, I hope I have the right forum for this question. I have been using an Mbox for the past year as a tie over to getting something better. I am now at a toss up between the ULN 2 from Metric Halo, which sounded great and the Apogee Mini Me, more expensive but a lot where I am, but people rave about it.

I know Metric Halo is hard at work, but

Does anyone have a little insider clue on how they're doing with the output issues on the Mobile I/O ? I can't keep reloading their unupdated Yahoo Board. It's making me nervous! Might have to bail on this one unless I get a little encouragement soon.

Anyone else here also waiting?