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cable with lowest noise floor canare belden mogami?

i have a few cad e100s's on the way and if what i have seen is true it has a very low noise floor, 3 point something dba, and i wanna keep the "low noise" signal going, so does anybody have any opinions on which cable has the lowest noise floor?
i'll be running them very short, around 15 foot or less
any help thanks

Mogami vs. Monster vs. Custom Cables.

Hello everyone, hope you're having an amazing day. I need to pick up some cables for my home studio and was wondering what your experience has been with:

1) Mogami Cables

2) Monster Cables

3) Custom-made cables

I've heard a lot of great things about the Mogami cables and have been told that they produce a much better sonic image than the Monster cables. I haven't had the opportunity to A,B them side by side but will be doing so pretty soon.

mogami, and monster

is mogami really better performance cable?

monster is gimmick marketing and isn't better in anything but the gold tips like the Gold Rush cable. right? especially with the "bass" cable where it just cuts your high and lows. thats what someone told me anyways.

also are proclaimed "bass" effect pedals really all marketing. i know guitar pedals will work with bass. but what do you think?