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Bob Olhsson and Russ Terrana talk Motown and more on podcast

I really found this to be a wonderfully vibed podcast. I hope everyone else enjoys it too! This podcast has had other great guests too, worth checking out. Im definitely a fan.

bob Olhsson Thank you sir for taking time and doing this with Russ! It would be great to hear more podcasts with you guys and others from that group. There is a plethora of fun, educational, and otherwise information you can rely. Maybe something to consider when you get bored with the mic collection at Blackbird (lol)

A Cool Interview with Bob Olhsson

Hi gang :)
I found a very cool interview with Bob Olhsson on YouTube, where he talks about ALL kinds of interesting things. Things like EMT Plate Reverb, Chamber, (both of which at the time were known as "echo", not "reverb"!)
He also talks about things like the acoustics of the room; before Motown had their studio, it was a photography studio, and they had installed a soft pine floor so that they could nail gear down, (like camera tripods and such) and as it turned out, the soft pine floor ended up being a great thing acoustically for the recording studio. :)

Motown mics

Hey guys I'm trying to get that old Motown sound, similar to what Daptone Studios are doing these days. What mics would you guys use on the different instruments to get that type of sound? Drums, guitar amps, bass amps, horns etc?

Motown bass

Ok, so recently, I've been listening to a great deal of Motown, and I'm always amazed by the sound of the bass, specifically in songs like Papa Was A Rolling Stone. I doubt I'll be able to emulate that, and I also understand the bass players were simply great musicians, but just out of curiosity does anyone have any knowledge of the recording process used to capture the bass?

recording live/motown/3 track

I am curious of the typical mic setup in a 60's motown 3 or 4 track recording session, which to my knowledge were recorded live(ie the whole band played at once). I have heard that it was the bleed between mic's that helped to create the pleasest sound of these and other recordings(I have heard this applied to zep aswell). I have been experimenting with this technique, I attained good results by using one mono room mic and a 421 on the kick to record the musical elements, then later I did vocal overdubs.


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