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mxl v67

MXL V67GS mic not recording at full volume, ideas?

Hey dudes and dudettes, quick question...I bought a MXL V67GS and it's not recording at full volume. When I plug an [=" SM57[/]="http://en.audiofanz… SM57[/] in, it records perfect, so I'm wondering if the phantom power is not strong enough?

MXL V67N Mod?

I have a pair of MXL V67N Mics and I like them. .but not enough to leave them alone :) . I opened one up:

-The electronics are mostly surface components
- There is a transformer (of course)
- the Capacitor off the capsule looks good
- A "larger" electrolytic capacitor; a 47uf 100v nichicon
- A 'smaller" electrolytic capacitor 47uf 63v no sure the brand the cap is blue and the logo is a circle around an "M"
- A ceramic capacitor; I have not idea about values brand etc.

I've attached some pictures and I have 2 questions:

Which one do you perfer? Modded MXL V67 vs. AT4033 (wav samples)

I did this little shootout the other day to see which one I liked better on my vocal. To me, it's not so clear cut. There are things I like about both of them. There is one I'm leaning toward, but I would really appreciate some input from anyone. Both were recorded on the same take, and aside from an 80hz high pass filter, there is absolutely no eq on either. I got the volumes set as even as I could and there is also a very small amount of verb too.
Again, I would very much appreciate any opinions. Thanks.

MXL V67g or RODE M3?

Hi. I'm looking to buy another mic to add to my collection and am trying to decide on whether to go for the new RODE M3 or MXL V67g? I will be mainly using it for vocals. I already have a RODE NT1a, Studio Projects B1 and T.Bone RM700 (ribbon) and am able to borrow Shure SM57's and 58's. Which would you recommend as a good option for another colour?


3rd party shock mount suggestion needed for MXL V67g/i mic

Hi. I need a shock mount to fit the MXL V67g or V67i mic (and maybe others...I don't know which others share that form factor). I have read that MXL's official shock mount for these mics, the MXL 57, leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn't actually fit very well, the felt inside the enclosure isn't secured well, it's hard to fit the shock mount to the mic and secure it, and if you need to remove the mic from the shock mount you will scratch your mic. Not very encouraging. So has anyone found a 3rd party shock mount solution for these mics? Thanks!

Telefunken V672

About the V672..

I was wondering where the Telefunken V672 preamp is best suited. I am demo-ing a two channel racked version the weekend and would like some input on what you all would use it on, or have used it on with good results. I'm currently tracking a funk band and looking for the vintage sound, so I think that this pre will be a nice addition! But, with the current time restraints, I won't have the opportunity to test it on a variety of sources.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


Hi folks
I have just bought one MXL V67G. The manual says that is suitable for overheads, vocals and guitars. it is a very cheap mic, so I really do not believe it would do fine in such a variety of different sources/ rec situations.
Anyway, is it better than C300B's and GT55's?
I will be testing for myself in the following months.
So what have been your impresisons and where have you guys achived more success with it?



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