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outboard gear

Outboard Gear Processing setup


I would like to try the Outboard Gear Processing for my recorded audio like Vocal and Bass Guitar.

I normally have my clean recording on both, then processed and toning via plugins. And I would like to use some outboard gears like Compressor, EQ, Bass Amp Head...for that.

Question :

What's the basic setup/chain should I do for a single track?

Hopefully my question is clear, haha...

Using Logic 9 with a UR22 + Mixer + Outboard FX

Hi All,

OK, straight to the point. I'm using Logic 9 on my MacBook Pro, this is connected via USB to a Steinberg UR22 Audio Interface.

I also have an M-Audio Axiom 49, also connected via USB to the Mac.

Now, I've decided to make use of some outboard units, namely the following:

Behringer Virtualizer 3D FX2000
dbx 166xs Compressor
dbx 215s Equalizer

These outboard processors are connected to an Alesis Multimix8 FX USB

Using outboard rack gear, signal distorted, why?

Hey guys,

So I had a pretty good singer in my studio yesterday laying down a vocal track. I used a AKG C414 XLS mic with a fethead, plugged into my new ART Pro Channel (Tube preamp/compressor/EQ) XLR out into channel 2 of my Line 6 UX8 interface with the gain all the way down, USB out into Cubase on my iMac. For some reason, the signal was all distorted. Here is a chunk of the vocal track:…

Soliciting outboard EQ recommendation

Hey folks, so what are people using these days for outboard EQ?

I usually like to track pure and EQ in the mix but after a series of recording events last night too boring to explain I think I would like to try inserting a EQ into the input chain.

It's my dbx 386 pre that I had in mind. I guess my budget us around $500 and I'll need two channels of parametric EQ.

What do you like, and why?

Thank you for your thoughts.

Using the PreSonus Eureka for outboard mixdown

I know it's lame, but its all I got. I'm running Cubase 5 with a Saffire Pro 10i/o (discontinued) and the Eureka. Right now I'm running channel 3 output from the Saffire into the line input of the Eureka via TRS, then line out of the Eureka into channel 1 of the Saffire. Then my brain exploded.

I know its a mono strip, but I thought I might be able to use it to output two separate instances of the recording. Could anyone walk me through it? I'm talkin baby steps here.

Small outboard mixers for recording

Hi Everyone,

I'm an experienced performing musician who has dabbled in home recording for about 10 years (cubase/reason/small outboard mixers), but now that my curiosity for recording has gotten the better of me, I'm trying to understand what I'd need to do/gear I'd need to acquire to achieve very good quality recordings from a home studio environment using the traditional studio approach and to record live bands.



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