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prism sound

Prism Sound Orpehus FireWire Recording Interface.

Hi, selling my friends Prism Sound Orpheus FireWire Recording Interface. The device is in perfect working order and in spite of some mild rack usage signs (tiny scratches on top and bottom) is great to look at. My friend was it's second owner. He decided to sell it because he got hooked on Hi-End AD/DA and now want's to upgrade to more channels.

Prism Sound Orpheus on Acoustic - Your Thoughts

I've included a link to an acoustic guitar being recorded through a Prism Sound Orpheus. The stock pres were also used, along with a Neumann U87 mic.

There are no effects or EQ. The file is completely raw from that perspective.

http://www.eternals…"]Orpheus Test[/]="http://www.eternals…"]Orpheus Test[/]

What are your thoughts?


Prism Atlas

Love this so far. Its an 8 channels ADDA/pre combo, USB and works great.

Very smooth operation, smoother than the Orpheus so far. I think the driver is better on this.
It installed excellent and the mixer, although nothing looks different, it seems to be updated.
I like headphone panning and main out knobs better too. They feel better made.
Sounds the same as the Orpheus. I now have 8 pres. looking forward to tracking with it later this year. In the mean time, its my capture ADDA.


Prism ADA-8XR multi-channel modular AD/DA converter

This is definitely on my wish list for next year. Thanks for pointing me to this Greener.
Its pricy ( 13,305.00) but looks like it has everything one would want in a high end converter. Take those Cubase or Sonar DAW systems to a new level.

Has anyone had any experience with this beauty? Is there anything else out there that comes close to the ADA-8XR?


Anyone Tried A Prism Orpheus?

I am looking to build a professional sounding studio around my quad core DAW intel 9550 / PC. I have been on the lookout for a suitable mixer having been advised from several people despite current trends of going mixerless, mixers are the way to go. However as I have been asking around I have also been told firewire is actually slower than interfacing with pci socket. Now to beat all this a guy from funky Junk, not Mark the other dude has advised me dont focus on a mixer get a Prism Orpheus.


Hi all,

Just joined after a friends recommendation and I could already see some familiar names from, nice:)

Opinions on the ADA8? I got the unit and its doing wonders for my sound although I find it a bit harder to finish a record (the sound is different...).
My other option was a rosseta800 but I don’t think I can be bothered with trying it. Am I being lazy or doing the right thing and should be happy with the ADA8?




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