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RME Artist - Swedish label BIS - RME's hardware and Sequoia/Samplitude software became the ideal

While researching the state of computer-based recording back in 2004 it came as a positive surprise that the time finally appeared ripe for making the switch. And it was precisely at that moment that we understood the blessings of the MADI format which had been around for years, but had previously been available only in hardware too pricey and too big to be seriously considered for the mobile recording business. For BIS, the combination of RME's hardware and Sequoia/Samplitude software became the ideal solution for both recording and editing.

Twitter Verification for Record Label Artists

Greetings, I started a record label/live event company about a year ago and it has gotten huge. It’s multiple record labels under one corporation and we’re kicking off the big launch with single releases from each of our signed artists. Some of the artists include the finalists of the original American idol series, finalists from The Voice UK, X Factor and a big line up of accomplished and talented producers. Before the releases I want to make sure the record label twitter is verified and our artists are too.

CD-format to be abandoned by major labels by the end of 2012

You read it well. The major labels plan to abandon the CD-format by the end of 2012 (or even earlier) and replace it with download/stream only releases via iTunes and related music services. The only CD-formats that will be left over will be the limited edition ones, which will of course not be available for every artist. The distribution model for these remaining CD releases would be primarily Amazon which is already the biggest CD retailer worldwide anyhow.

How to record a demo and get signed to a label…Advice needed!

Hi everyone,

I’ve never seriously considered sending my music to record companies until just recently..however, I have been recording my own demo for the past month or so, and minus a couple of tracks I am finished (although there are playing mistakes here and there). Overall I feel really good about it, and I think I’d like to send it out. I would really like to know what the process is like for getting signed…Basically..what do I need to do to go from recording at home to getting signed to a record deal?
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

Need advice on what to send to a label in order to get a "release of claims". . .

So I'm working on the birth of a record label that will be releasing old field recordings of local heritage type music. A decade or two ago my boss gave some of those recordings to County Records and they used some of them in a compilation. My boss has the original masters and nothing was signed when he handed over copies of the recordings. But just to be safe my boss has asked me to write some sort of "release of claim" contract (if that's what it's called) to send to County Records just so there is no way that they will try and get money if we use those songs.